e-Alfa Cargo | e-cart by Mahindra Electric

Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd, part of the Mahindra Group, entered the e-cart segment recently with the launch of its new electric 3-wheeler, the e-Alfa Cargo. Priced at ₹ 1.44 Lakh, ex-showroom Delhi, an e-Alfa Cargo owner can save up to ₹ 60,000 per year in fuel costs when compared with a diesel cargo 3-wheeler, a company statement said.

In the L5 cargo category, Mahindra Electric already has Treo Zor.

Features of e-Alfa Cargo

Considering electricity charges at ₹ 8/unit, the running cost comes at 59 Paise per kilometre.

The e-Alfa Cargo features a large and wide cargo tray with a payload of 310 kg, 80 km range and peak power of 1.5 kW.

The e-cart can go up to a top speed of 25 km/h and comes with an off board 48 V/15 A charger.

Its fully digital instrument cluster gives the state of charge (SoC), range, speed and other useful as well as vital read-outs at a glance. The company gives a warranty of 1 year/unlimited kilometre.

Suman Mishra, CEO of Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited, said, “The last mile delivery segment is seeing excellent adoption of electric 3-wheelers due to significant operating cost advantages versus fossil fuel powered 3-wheelers. We are now launching the e Alfa Cargo e-cart in response to the customer requirements in this segment. With savings of ₹ 60,000 over a diesel cargo 3-wheeler, the e Alfa Cargo aims to provide a sustainable, pollution-free solution in the cargo segment”

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