Tork Motors launches E-motorbikes KRATOS & KRATOS R in India

Pune based TORK Motors is an electric vehicle and charging infrastructure manufacturing startup company. Backed by racing background and 8 years of R&D, TORK Motors has recently launched India’s First Electric Motorcycle – KRATOS & KRATOS R which is manufactured and assembled in India. The electric bikes starts at INR 1,92,499 excluding FAME II Subsidy and State Subsidy. Bookings are now open at Rs 999.

E-Bikes Specifications

The Tork Bikes Kratos and Kratos-R claim an IDC (Indian Driving Cycle) Range of 180 km and a real range of 120 km each. Both the EVs come with a battery of 4 kWh, Li-ion 21700 cell and can be charged at home in 4-5 hours. On fast charging, it can be charged 80% in an hour. The electric bikes carries full digital dashboard and support various features including Multi drive Mode, Regenerative braking, USB Charging, Front Storage box and OTA Update.



The effective Ex-showroom Price (Pune) for KRATOS is Rs 1,07,999 and the same for KRATOS R is Rs 1,22,999 which includes the FAME II Subsidy of Rs 60,000 and State Subsidy of Rs 24,500. The price is exclusive of the accessories, road tax, insurance, smart card, RTO Registration and GST.

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