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EVreporter June 2022 magazine

1. EV Sales Trends for May 2022

2. Jan 2022- May 2022 | India’s region-wise EV sales

3. Recommended Drivetrain and Battery Sizing for e-2W in India

4. EV Charger Manufacturing in India – Challenges & Opportunities

5. Understanding Factors that Impact the Cycle Life of a Lithium-ion Cell

6. Automotive Industry Stakeholders and the Impact of EV Transformation | Chapter 3

7. Inside Nexcharge’s Fully Automated Battery Pack Assembly Plant

8. EV sales trends, news, investments and policy updates

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EVreporter May 2022 magazine

1. FY 2021-2022 | Electric 3W make 47% of all three-wheelers sold

2. E-2W batteries are catching fire | Industry practices need correction

3. Feature | CHT presents new silicone foam for EV battery packs

4. Log9 Materials to manufacture LTO and LFP cells in India

5. Electric technologies and alternate fuels – all have a role in India’s mobility future – Toyota Kirloskar

6. Automotive industry stakeholders and impact of EV transformation | Chapter 2

7. Electrical steel prices a big worry for EV component makers in India

8. Recommended Distinctive Practices for EV Manufacturing

9. EV sales trends, news, investments and policy updates

EVreporter Apr 2022 magazine

1. PLI Scheme for ACC battery storage | Challenges and Opportunities

2. How model-based design can help accelerate BMS development

3. Feature | CHARGE+ZONE electrifies 1000 km of national highways

4. Lithium chemicals continue to rise | Nickel levels after a mad rush

5. Transition to EVs | Impact on the automotive ecosystem – Chapter 1

6. Solid state batteries | Key performance indicators vs LIB

7. A better motor technology for e-mobility | Axial flux motors

8. EV sales trends, news, investments and policy updates

EVreporter March 2022 magazine

1. Altigreen’s plan to scale up annual production to 40,000 units

2. Regulatory framework for retrofitting in India

3. Brand Story: Looking inwards and outwards – BRIGHTBLU

4. Alternate powertrain solutions and their status

5. ONE and dual chemistry battery packs | Chat with CEO Mujeeb Ijaz

6. CATL’s battery swapping solution for electric cars

7. Patent analysis of Sodium-ion battery technology

8. EV sales trends, news, investments and policy updates

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