Valeo plans to manufacture electric powertrains from Pune plant: Jayakumar G, Group President

Valeo is world number one in vehicle electrification, fitting one in every three cars worldwide with its electrical systems, says Jayakumar G – Group President, Valeo India. After the recent launch of Valeo’s 48V electric powertrain technology in India, we received multiple queries from our readers who were interested to know more about Valeo’s plans in the EV component segment. So, we caught up with Mr Jayakumar for a chat.

What is the rationale behind Valeo’s focus on low voltage 48V electric powertrains?

India is the largest manufacturer and market for two & three-wheelers. Electrification of this mobility segment needs a Simple, Safe and Affordable solution.

48V systems are the ideal solutions, as they are < 60V DC (which is the threshold for high voltage), eliminating the HV related design and operational complexities. Also, the power requirements of this format of mobility are typically <10kW peak, which can be served by 48V systems.

Valeo is a world leader in 48V systems and our 48V solutions are proven technologies derived from the Passenger Car applications, which helps in improving the reliability levels of its products for this format of mobility.

We believe the 48V system is the right solution for affordable electrification of first & last mile connectivity formats in our country and will aid faster adoption of vehicle electrification.

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Can you comment on the degree of localisation of this e-powertrain solution?

We believe in sustainable business. Localisation without the right volume of business will not be sustainable in the long run, hence we will localise in a phased manner. We have localised the e-powertrain to suit the requirements of our Indian OEMs.

The localisation content will be increased in a phased manner in the next 2 – 3 years, as the electrification market matures. Our e-powertrain solution will be manufactured in India. Valeo has a plant in Pune to manufacture electrical system products (Starters & Alternators). This facility is now being expanded for manufacturing and assembling the electric powertrains in India.

Valeo is both a global and local industrialist. Present throughout the world, we have industrial facilities (189 plants worldwide) as close as possible to our markets.

What are Valeo’s plans for manufacturing e-mobility related components in India?

Our approach to this will be pragmatic. Today, we see the small mobility segment (2&3Wheelers) taking lead in Vehicle Electrification in India; hence, we have launched 48V-based eMachine for two-wheelers and eAccess for three-wheelers.

In addition to being a leader in 48V, Valeo is also a world number one in providing high-voltage (>60V) systems for electric vehicles, through Valeo Siemens eAutomotive JV. As the electrification scope widens to other mobility segments such as passenger & commercial vehicles in our country,
we would be introducing suitable electrification products from our wide portfolio of electrification technologies to cater to those vehicles segments.

Any partnerships with Indian EV OEMs that you would like to highlight?

We are closely working with many two and three-wheeler EV OEMs in India, which are at various stages of development. Our e-powertrain manufactured from India will be in production and the vehicle is expected to be launched soon.

Can you talk about Valeo’s footprint in the global e-mobility market?

Through the Valeo Siemens eAutomotive joint venture, Valeo is the world number one in high-voltage i.e., greater than 60V systems for electric vehicles.

Valeo has developed 12 new technology platforms for Electrification and Advance Driving Assistance Systems and eight out of these are focused on Electrification. These platforms can be customized and standardised to meet the customer needs. With the support of these platforms, we adapt our technologies to suit the Hybrid & Electrification needs of our customers.

Your comments on the importance of implementing right thermal management solutions for electric vehicles, especially in the Indian weather conditions?

Thermal Management is an important aspect in vehicle electrification as it affects efficiency, reliability and life of key powertrain components. Additionally, maintaining the powertrain components at optimum thermal conditions is critical to ensure their availability during a given vehicle drive.

Due to our in-depth experience in the automotive field and our long presence in the industry, at Valeo, we have understood these specific needs well and hence we evaluate these conditions through real world measurements wherever required to optimise the performance of our systems for its optimal thermal management.

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