A collection of EV Owners’ experiences – Maintaining tire pressure key to getting better range

We interviewed some real users of electric vehicles to get a first-hand look into their experience. We will keep adding to this post as we aggregate more experiences. If you would like to share your experience, please fill up this form or write/share pictures with us at info@evreporter.com.

Aditya Chheda, 26, lives in Mumbai and works with his family business of manufacturing and exporting garments. He got a Nexon EV in August 2020, mainly to take advantage of the low running cost offered by the EV. He uses the vehicle for his daily city run of 20-40 km

Reason for buying the vehicle – Running cost advantage

Experienced Range same as advertised? – Does not provide the advertised range (300 km) in the real world. In his experience, the car can go 175-200 km when driven carefully at a medium speed. In case of high-speed drive, the range can even come down to 130-150 km.

Best Practices I follow – Constant speed drive

Charging done at – Home. Takes around 8 hours to fully charge.

TATA Power set up a dedicated fast AC charger (that comes with the vehicle) at Aditya’s designated parking spot in the society. The charger is linked with his apartment’s electricity meter.

Recommend to a friend? – Given the range issues and lack of public charging options, Aditya only recommends an EV as an additional second car in the family.

Story 1

Poonam Chavan is a Management Consulting Manager with Accenture, residing in Bengaluru. She bought home an Ather 450 in January 2020 (after a waiting period of a couple of months since booking) and has been since using the vehicle for running daily chores and short distances.

Reason for buying the vehicle – Poonam has been an avid user of public transport like metro. However, the lack of suitable and inexpensive last-mile options to and from the metro stations drove her to buy her own vehicle.

She is happy with the vehicle and has found it to be extremely useful in the current pandemic time as a safer option over public transport.

Before switching to Ather, Poonam had been an Activa user for many years. She is delighted about the fact that she driving her Ather 450 is extremely economical in comparison.

Experienced Range same as advertised? – Yes. Her Ather 450 does provide the advertised range of 75 km.

Charging – Done at home. Takes 4-5 hours to fully charge.

Recommend to a friend – Yes, if they can pay the initial price premium.

Story 2

Bhagyashree CV lives in Bengaluru and is employed with one of the pioneering EV charging technology companies in India – Numocity Technologies. She has been using her Ather 450 for more than a year for her daily office commute. She is happy about the fact that she is contributing towards reducing air and noise pollution.

Reason for buying the vehicle Very low maintenance as compared to ICE vehicles. As a part of the EV industry, Bhagyashree wanted to experience electric mobility first hand as it gives her ideas to help the industry grow.

Best Practices I follow – “I usually charge only when it’s necessary based on the distance I have to travel. This helps the battery life. I drive more in Eco and Ride modes mostly and avoid Sports mode as it would heat up the battery faster”.

Experienced Range same as advertised? – Positive. Ather 450 does provide the advertised range of 75 km.

Charging – Done at home.

Recommend to a friend – Yes

Story 1

Narayanan Subramaniam, a resident of Bengaluru has worked in Technology Leadership roles over decades. Currently now, he is in a leadership role at an Electric Mobility solutions company. Narayanan is one of the earliest adopters of electric mobility in the country and has been an EV user for 15 years. He owned a Classic REVA for 9 years and now driving a Mahindra Reva E20 for 6 years. Narayanan uses his EV for his daily intra-city commute.

Best practices shared by Narayanan helped him maximise the range on his 6 year old E2o.
Drive Efficiency Dashboard snapshot of the Wh/km consumption (all green) on consecutive days to/from the office a round trip of 20-21 km, with the AC on.

Reason for buying the vehicle – Passionate on Climate Action and Green Energy

Best Practices I follow – Maintain Tire Pressure, Leverage Regenerative Braking, Gentle acceleration

Experienced Range same as advertised? – Yes. His E20 provides the advertised range of 120 km.

Charging – Done at home.

Recommend to a friend – Yes

Story 2

Magenta Power is one of the leading EV charging solutions companies in the country, and they have been using electric vehicles as corporate vehicles, including two Mahindra E20 cars since 2018.

Reason for buying the electric vehicle – Passion for clean mobility

Best Practices I follow – Maintain Tire Pressure. Rest, use as a normal car

Experienced Range same as advertised? – No

Charging – Done at home, Home, Office and Captive charging station

Recommend to a friend – Yes

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