French automotive supplier Valeo launches 48V electric powertrain systems in India

Valeo is introducing a fully integrated compact electric powertrain system in India, aimed at small mobility vehicles. As electric 2Ws and 3Ws gain significant ground for first and last mile connectivity in the country, these 48V systems from Valeo are expected to provide an affordable solution for their electrification.

Valeo offers both low and high voltage solutions to power all types of vehicles from two – and three -wheel urban vehicles to premium sedans and SUVs. Through the Valeo Siemens eAutomotive joint venture, Valeo claims it is the world number one in high-voltage (greater than 60V) systems for electric vehicles. 

The company introduced the 48V e-powertrain technology in the European market earlier this year, and is now bringing it to India.

Valeo’s 48V powertrain solution comes in two variants – Motor, Inverter and Powertrain Control Unit for two wheelers and with Motor, Inverter, Integrated with Gear Box (Reducer) and Powertrain Control Unit for three wheelers and small load carriers.

The integrated powertrain kit with Motor, Inverter and Gear Box (Reducer) increases the ease of adaptation for vehicle manufacturers. Valeo’s Special Vehicle Application team in France along with the team in India is already working with key local players to introduce this technology in the market.

eAccess for 3Ws | Source: Valeo

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Commenting on the product, Mr. Jayakumar G, Group President – Valeo India, said, “We are committed in driving the vehicle electrification in India. We understand that the small mobility market needs are different from the passenger car market. Hence, this 48V integrated compact electric powertrain technology is the ideal solution to address the unique electrification needs of vehicles in the first and last mile connectivity in our country. In addition, our 48V motor is available as a solution for hybrid electrification needs in four wheelers.”

Salient features of Valeo’s 48V technology

• Based on air-cooled systems. Compact, lightweight powertrain system with a high power to weight ratio. 

• Up to 12kW peak power, up to 6kW Continuous power. 

• The motor and inverter are validated for several million Stop & Go cycles – an expertise derived from Valeo’s Passanger Car technology.

cover image: Valeo eMachine for 2Ws | tech information published as per Valeo official press release

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