FAME 2 progress report shared by Ministry | 1.65 lakh EVs supported till date

In a written reply by the Minister of State for Heavy Industries (MHI), Krishan Pal Gurjar in Lok Sabha on Nov 30, 2021, following information on performance of FAME 2 scheme were shared –

1. MHI, under Phase-II of FAME India Scheme, has supported about 1.65 lakhs Electric Vehicles as of Nov 25, 2021, by way of Demand Incentive amounting to about Rs. 564 crores.

2. 6,315 electrical buses have been sanctioned to various State/City Transport Undertakings under Phase-II of the Scheme.

3. The Ministry has sanctioned 2,877 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations amounting to nearly Rs 500 Crore in 68 cities across 25 States/UTs. Also, 1576 charging stations amounting to nearly Rs. 108 crores across 9 Expressways and 16 Highways have been sanctioned under the scheme.

Notably, MHI formulated FAME-India Scheme in March 2015 to promote the adoption of electric/ hybrid vehicles (xEVs) in India. Phase- l of the scheme was available up to 31st March 2019. The Scheme had four focus areas, namely, DemandCreation, Pilot Project, Technology Development/R&D and Charging Infrastructure. The Government notified Phase-II of FAME India Scheme on 8thMarch, 2019, which is for a period of 5 years w.e.f. 01st April, 2019 with a total budgetary support of Rs. 10,000 crores. This phase focusses on supporting electrification of public & shared transportation and aims to support, through subsidies, approx. 7000 e-Buses, 5 lakh e-3Ws, 55000 e-4Ws and 10 lakh e-2Ws.In addition, creation of charging infrastructure is also supported to address range anxiety among users of electric vehicles.

In the First Phase of the Scheme, about 2.8 lakh hybrid and electric vehicles were supported by way of demand incentive, amounting to about Rs 359 crore. MHI had also sanctioned 425 electric and hybrid buses to various cities in the country with a total cost of about 280 Crores. The Ministry of Heavy Industries had sanctioned about 520 Charging Stations/ Infrastructure for Rs. 43 Crore (approx.) under Phase-I of the FAME India Scheme.

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