Tork T6X Electric Motorcycle – What we know so far

Tork Motors’ upcoming electric motorcycle T6X is among the most anticipated Electric Vehicles in the country. The EV was first announced in 2016 and the company opened pre-bookings (without any deposit) later in the year. Tork Motors will be the second company to launch an electric motorcycle in the country, after Revolt Motors launched RV400 and RV300 in August 2019.

Tork Motors has so far raised $4.7 million in funding over 3 rounds led by Ankit Bhati, Bhavish Aggarwal, and Bharat Forge. As per this news report, Ratan Tata has also agreed to invest in the company. Recently Tork was in news for installing their first Charging Station in Pune, that they claim can charge any EV that features a GB/T plug. Charger installation is being seen as a precursor to the big launch. This installation is a first among many the company plans to do in the cities of Pune, Bangalore and New Delhi where the bike will enter first.

Tork Motors has roots in racing bikes, as founder/CEO Kapil Shelke has been designing electric motorcycles for race track since 2009. T6X has been developed as an urban commuting vehicle for India and is expected to be launched this year. According to industry sources, the price tag for the bike will be around Rs. 1.24 Lakhs.

Specifications of T6X

As we await official confirmation on the launch date, let’s take a look at the specifications of the T6X e-motorcycle.

T6X will have single-speed transmission, that means no clutch or gears. The battery will be good for 1,000 cycles of charging, i.e. equivalent to 100,000 km of distance. That means the battery is expected to last the life of the motorcycle and will not require a replacement. The motorcycle will come with multiple drive modes and provide flexibility to the rider to adjust the power delivery. Motorcycle’s electronics and battery box’s protection rating is IP 67 i.e. Dust Tight and Water Resistant.

Charging – Tork Motors will provide and install the charging points at customer premises. As the battery pack capacity is 3.45 kWh, it will need about 4 units of electricity to fully charge the batteries. This means each full charge at home will cost you around 32 Rs. (assuming Rs 8 per unit) and running cost per km – 28 paise. Do check out our EV Running Cost Calculator.

Public chargers installed by Tork are quicker and make the bike gain approximately 1.5 km worth of charge every minute.

Value-Added Features – The motorbike is equipped with a touch screen console, GPS, Navigation, cloud connectivity, Anti-theft, Geo-fencing and phone charging features. The company will also launch an app to enable buyers to find chargers, monitor charging and pay.

Advanced Telematics and Machine Learning Technology – A proprietary technology called TIROS (Tork Intuitive Response Operating System) powers the T6X. It performs power management, monitoring of power consumption and range forecasts, along with capturing the riding patterns of the user. TIROS uses cloud connectivity to automatically install software updates.

We will be updating this space as we get to know more about the launch plans of T6X. To know about what to look for while buying an electric two-wheeler, check out Electric Two-wheeler Buying Guide.

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