Telangana |Latest figures of Electric 2Ws and 4Ws in the state

According to a Times of India report, number of electric vehicles (excluding 3Ws) in the state rose by 23% in the period from Jul 2019 to Aug 2020.

As per data accessed by TNN from Telangana’s Regional Transport Authority:

As on Aug 6, 2020 – 11,456 EVs were plying on Telangana’s roads, up from 9,303 in July 2019. During this period, total number of electric cars in the state rose from 5,573 to 6,171 and total number of high speed electric 2Ws rose from 3,690 to 4,143. It should be noted that 2W numbers do not include low speed electric 2Ws (top speed less than 25 km/h) as those are RTO exempted.

Vehicle SegmentAs in July 2019As on Aug 6, 2020% increase
Electric cars5,5736,17110.7%
Electric two-wheelers3,6904,14312.3%
Electric buses40Not available
Number of EVs in Telangana | Source: ToI report

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Telangana also notified its Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage policy earlier this month, that is expected to give another fillip to EV adoption in the state.

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