India EV Sales report for FY19-20

India EV sales report FY19-20 – Observations

– Sales figures in the table above do not include e-rickshaw sales. Reported number for FY 2019-20 for this segment is 90,000, however, actual number including vehicles sold by unorganised players is expected to be much higher.

– The growth of 20% in EV Sales of FY19-20 over the last year rides on electric two-wheelers, with the segment registering a growth of 20.6%.

Registration exempt low-speed scooters (max speed 25km/h) accounted for 90% of total electric 2Ws sold in the country during FY19-20. These scooters are not eligible for incentives under FAME-II.

Below is the full report released by industry body SMEV:

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Source: SMEV Twitter Account

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