Nexon EV – To be launched by TATA Motors in Q4 2019-20

TATA Motors introduced its EV powertrain technology Ziptron in September 2019. On Oct 3rd, 2019 the company announced that the first electric car to be powered by Ziptron technology is Nexon EV, that will be launched in Q4 (Jan-Mar) of FY 2019-20.

Update: The Nexon EV was unveiled by TATA Motors on 19th Dec 2019. Bookings open.

Link to Nexon EV Specification sheet.

Here are some of the features that the company has revealed so far. We will keep updating the list as more information becomes available:

1. Nexon EV is a compact SUV with a fully electric drivetrain and zero-emissions.

2. Expected to be priced between Rs 15-17 lakhs. Right now, the only other electric SUV available in the Indian market is luxury SUV Hyundai Kona that is priced around Rs 25 lakhs.

3. Nexon EV will be available for personal buyers. TATA Motors also sells Tigor EV that is only available for institutional sales. Update: On 9th Oct 2019, TATA Motors has introduced TATA Tigor EV with Extended Range for personal buyers.

4. Range of around 300 km. In our opinion, it should help alleviate Range Anxiety associated with the purchase of electric vehicles to some extent.

5. All features that come with Ziptron technology, i.e high voltage system, fast charging capability, battery and motor with a warranty of 8 years, advanced telematics and adherence to IP67 (dust and waterproof) standard.

In order to showcase the Nexon EV’s capabilities and overcome existing barriers associated with the electric vehicles such as range anxiety, performance capabilities, and lack of charging infrastructure – Tata Motors has launched a promotional campaign called #TheUltimateElectricDrive, with Milind Soman and wife Ankita Konwar. The couple will drive from Manali to Leh in a Nexon EV – a route favourite among adventure seekers in India. During their trip, they will traverse the Nexon EV through difficult Himalayan terrain consisting of high altitude passes, steep gradients and unpaved roads under extreme climatic conditions.

To know more about Ziptron technology, please visit Ziptron Powertrain Tech Feature Summary. To read about specifications associated with an electric car, look at our Electric Car Buying Guide.

Watch the videos of #TheUltimateElectricDrive.

Reference – TATA Motors Press Release

Last updated: 29 Dec, 2019

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