Ather 450 – Specifications and Pricing

Ather was founded in 2013 by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain. The company has so far raised $96 million from Flipkart founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, Hero Motorcorp, and Tiger Global. Ather Energy introduced electric scooters Ather 340 and Ather 450 in 2018 in Bengaluru.

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Ather 340 was discontinued in September this year due to low demand. This post is dedicated to Ather 450, the flagship product from the makers of India’s first intelligent scooter. Ather Energy holds 11 international patents and 88 trademarks.

Ather 450 is a zero-emission vehicle with a fully electric drivetrain. The e-scooter started deliveries in September 2018 and is currently available only in Bangalore and Chennai. It receives a subsidy of Rs. 27,000 under FAME II. Let’s take a look at the specifications of Ather 450:

 In addition to the above specifications, here are other noteworthy features of Ather 450:

– Lowest centre of gravity among all scooters in the country

– Reverse Park assist – which slowly drives the scooter backwards. Useful in tight parking spots.

– OTA updates – Automatic “Over the air” updates to keep the software and firmware up-to-date

– Interactive touch-screen dashboard

– On-board Navigation by Google

– The battery’s (2.71 kWh) usable capacity is restricted to 2.4 kWh to maximise its charge holding capacity.

– Large Storage space (in place of fuel tank)

– Mobile App support – Let’s you see your ride history, Charge and Remaining Range Status and call for Roadside assistance.

Mobile app screen of Ather App
Ather App – Ride History Data

Charging – At-home charging point provided by the company is called Ather Dot, that can charge the scooter from 0-100% in 5 hours 15 mins with electricity consumption of about 3 units. Check out our EV running cost calculator to arrive at running cost for your vehicle.

Ather Energy has also established its public charging network (called Ather Grid) that provides fast charging and makes the scooter gain 1 km worth of charge each minute. The Grid network is being put up at public places such as malls, cafe/restaurants, and offices all over the cities where the scooter has made a debut.

Ather Grid image
Ather Grid – Public Charging

Dot is only compatible with an Ather scooter, whereas Ather Grid can be used to charge an electric vehicle if the connector is compatible with 5A/15A socket and they are carrying the adaptor/charger for their vehicle. However, Fast charging is available for Ather vehicles only.

Ather 450 also comes with a charge-anywhere option – you can plug the carry-on charging cable in any 15 Amp socket.

Ather 450 – Charge Anywhere

Payment Plans – In Bengaluru, Ather 450 can be bought at (Rs. 1,13,715 on-road) one-time or EMI or leased at Rs. 2589/month including insurance and a minimum commitment of 12 months. In Chennai, the on-road price is Rs. 1,22,224 and lease option is available at Rs. 2999/month at the time of writing.

Subscription Plans: Ather Energy came up with four unique subscription plans that include connectivity, charging and vehicle maintenance services, ranging from Rs. 3000/year to Rs. 8,400 per year. Buyer can pick a plan to suit personal usage.

Bajaj’s electric scooter Chetak is expected to compete with Ather 450.

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Let us know in the comments section about your experience with Ather 450.

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