Ather 450 vs Okinawa i-Praise Plus | Comparison

In this post, we compare the specifications of two of the priciest electric scooters available in the country. Ather 450 and Okinawa i-Praise Plus go head to head. Ather 450 has been designed and developed in India, whereas Okinawa scooters depend on mostly imported components that are assembled in India.

Parameter Ather 450 Okinawa i-Praise Plus
Max Range 75 km 160 km
Top Speed 80 km/h 70 km/h
Acceleration (0-40km/h) 3.9 seconds Not Available
Slow Charge Time 5 h 15 min 3-4 hours
Fast Charge? Yes No
Fast Charge Rate (upto 80%) 1 km/min NA
Battery Type Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Battery Specification 51.1 V, 2.71 kWh 72 V, 3.3 kWh
Battery Warranty 3 years / unlimited km 3 years  / 20,000 km
Detachable Battery No Yes
Motor Type BLDC BLDC
Peak Power 5.4 kW 2.5 kW
Rated Power 3.3 kW 1 kW
Peak Torque 20.5 Nm Not mentioned
Gradability 18 degrees 15 degrees
Dimensions 1800X700X1250mm 1970X745X1165mm
Ground Clearance 160 mm 175 mm
Weight 111 kg NA
Carrying Capacity NA 150 kg
IP Rating Battery – IP 67, Motor – IP 66, Controller – IP 65, Display – IP 65 Waterproof motor. IP ratings not available
Braking System Combined Braking System Electronic Assisted Braking System
Regenerative Braking Yes Yes
Starting Mechanism Self Start Self Start, Keyless Entry
Powertain Warranty 3 years / 30,000 km 3 years / 20,000 km
Touch Screen Interactive Display Yes No
On-board Navigation Yes No
Mobile app support Yes Yes
Geo-fencing No Yes
Remote-immobilization No Yes
Price 1,13,715/- Bengaluru, 1,22,224/- Chennai  (on-road prices) 1,08,728/- (Ex-Showroom)
USB Charger on-board No Yes
Reverse Mode Yes Yes
Colours White Glossy Golden Black, Glossy Red Black, Glossy Silver Black
Cities Launched Bengaluru, Chennai All over India
After-sale subscription plans Yes No
Company Charging Network Yes No

Both scooters qualify for subsidy under FAME 2 scheme of Indian government and the same has been reflected in their pricing.

Who wins?

Okinawa’s range claim of 160 km on a single charge is a big advantage over Ather 450, giving you way more time between two charges. Okinawa i-Praise Plus also comes with advanced features such as geo-fencing, secure parking and remote immobilization that are currently missing from the Ather app. Both apps, however, allow the user to call for roadside assistance, monitor battery status and ride history. The detachable battery offered by Okinawa adds a convenient charging option to the mix.

However, the overall network and services offered by Ather such as on-board navigation, establishment of Charging Grids, installation of Ather Dot at customer premises, and defined subscription plans for maintenance and public charging make a better all-round customer-centred proposition. Ather also offers a unique leasing plan for its scooter with a minimum period of 12 months. The touch screen display of Ather 450 is user-friendly and aesthetically designed. The company pushes required OTA software and firmware updates to the scooter for automatic installation.

Let us know in the comments section which scooter you like better. If you have experience riding any of these scooters, please share your review with us. For more information on electric two-wheelers available in India, visit Electric Two-wheelers.

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