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TVS Motor Company launches new electric crossover: The TVS X at INR 2,49,990/-

TVS Motor Company, a prominent manufacturer of two and three-wheelers, unveiled its latest innovation, the TVS X, a premium electric crossover. The launch took place on August 23, 2023. The vehicle was designed at TVS Motor’s research and development facility – Crafted, engineered, and manufactured in India.

With a peak power of 11kW, the TVS X has acceleration (0-40 kmph in 2.6 seconds) and a sustained top speed of 105 kmph. It is equipped with a 4.44 kWh battery pack and a PMSM motor supported by an in-house integrated controller developed by TVS Motors. Charging options include the Smart X Home rapid charger, offering a 0-50% charge in 50 minutes (with an optional 3 kW fast charger), or a portable charger delivering 0-80% in 4 hours and 30 minutes (950W charger).

The commencement of deliveries is scheduled for November 2023, following a phased approach across 15 cities. The TVS X is priced at an introductory rate of INR 2,49,990 (Ex-showroom Bengaluru), which includes portable 950W chargers priced at INR 16,275 (inclusive of GST). An alternative option is the 3kW Smart X Home rapid charger.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Sudarshan Venu, Managing Director, TVS Motor Company said, “Our dedication to harness technology and innovation towards a greener and more sustainable future has brought to us this incredibly desirable machine. This launch marks a defining moment in TVS Motors’ journey of showcasing a made-in-India EV, the TVS X. It has been designed for the global citizens, who are trendsetters and visionaries with a passion for technology. It is set to inspire a shift towards premium yet sustainable and technologically advancedmobility solutions. Itleadsthe way to become a global benchmark for a machine that is born electric. The TVS X embodies innovation with a disruptive mindset. It has sustainability at its core and embodies the next era of clean mobility. With its remarkable performance, premium aesthetics, and integrated, intuitive, and personalised experiences, we believe it will redefine mobility worldwide.”

The main features of TVS X include –


  • Aerodynamically optimized silhouette
  • Built on a high precision cast aluminium alloy frame.
  • The TVS Xleton frame has been developed with optimum stiffness and durability. The layout integrates into a monocoque cast subframe, designed for optimal use of space and user convenience.
  • The vehicle’s design reduces drag resistance, enhancing its overall efficiency by allowing it to move through the air more effectively.
  • A notable innovation is the segment-first Ram Air Cooled Motor, a departure from conventional forced convection cooling methods. This technology enables dynamic cooling for critical components, ensuring sustained performance.
  • The TVS X’s lighting system is also enhanced to create a unique experience for users, the four-element LED headlamp is accompanied by sequential turn indicators and customizable light sequences, enabling users to personalize start-up, shut-down, and other lighting patterns.


  • The vehicle has been developed entirely from scratch, prioritizing innovation and breaking away from conventional norms.
  • Its engineering covers various aspects, including vehicle dynamics, control software, powertrain, aluminum frame, operating system, and software architecture, which have been crafted in-house by dedicated design, engineering, and software teams.
  • The TVS Xleton frame offers >2X tortional stiffness and >4X the vertical stiffness compared to the category standard, this enhances agility and steering precision.
  • The vehicle incorporates a well-placed battery unit that helps maintain balance and optimal dynamics, contributing to a heightened feeling of control for the rider.
  • The TVS X features specially designed tire materials that enhance grip and reduce resistance against rolling, improving overall performance.
  • With a peak power of 11kW, the TVS X has acceleration (0-40 kmph in 2.6 seconds) and a sustained top speed of 105 kmph.
  • PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) motor, supported by an in-house integrated controller developed by TVS Motor.
  • The vehicle offers selectable re-gen modes to enhance efficiency, catering to different riding styles. It also features the latest-generation ABS, ensuring confident braking.
  • The TVS X includes a smart Hill-Hold feature for precise operation.
  • It is equipped with a high-performance battery pack providing 4.44 kWh of installed capacity energy.
  • The in-house Battery Management System continuously monitors current flow, ensuring the safety and longevity of the battery cells.

Connected Technology:

  • The redesigned rider interface features a large 10.2-inch HD+ TFT touchscreen, offering enhanced customization options. The cluster placed on the aluminum handlebar can be tilted for optimal visibility during different riding positions.
  • The TVS NavPro, an onboard navigation system powered by the advanced TVS SmartXonnect platform, provides context-aware information to riders. The navigation system identifies charging stations on the route, enhancing efficiency and productivity. The system also syncs destinations between the mobile app and the vehicle.
  • The TVS X boasts high levels of personalization through TVS PlayTech, offering various widgets for personalized information, theme selection, and cluster wallpaper customization. It also introduces innovative ways to unlock the vehicle for easy access.
  • The vehicle offers unique immersive features like wellness, gaming, live video streaming, and internet browsing for an enhanced riding experience. Additionally, the TVS Smart Xhield enhances rider safety with proactive crash and tow alerts, along with dedicated assistance and security measures.

Reservations for the TVS X are now open through the official website. It’s important to note that the FAME incentive is not applicable to the TVS X. An exclusive opportunity is presented to secure one of the initial 2,000 units of the TVS X, each marked with the “First Edition” emblem. This unique offer encompasses a thoughtfully designed Concierge service and a Garmin Smartwatch, available for an additional cost of Rs 18,000.

Key highlights of the new TVS X:

  • Maximum power 11 kW (15 PS), rated power 7 kW (9.5 PS), torque 40 Nm
  • Aluminium alloy frame and single-sided rear swingarm
  • 10.2-inch TFT touchscreen with tilt adjust
  • Three riding modes “Xtealth”, “Xtride” and “Xonic” as standard
  • Multi-level re-gen modes
  • Telescopic forks at the front, offset Monoshock at the rear
  • 10th generation ABS (front wheel only)
  • Cruise control
  • Reverse assistant
  • TVS SmartXonnect Connected features
  • Live video streaming, on board games, web browser
  • EV charger routing and Ride Glance journey information
  • Live location sharing, call and message straight from cluster
  • TVS Smart Xhield for rider safeguard and assistance
  • Accessible seat height of only 770 mm
  • Keyless Ride
  • Signature LED headlight including daytime running lights and sequential side indicators
  • External 950W portable charger for household socket OR 3kW SmartXHome charger
  • Anti-theft alarm

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