Quench to start DC charger manufacturing at its USA facility

Quench Chargers has announced that its fast chargers, which were designed in India and are manufactured at its plant in Pune, will now also be manufactured at the group’s American manufacturing facility located at Shelton, Connecticut, from later this year. Quench chargers will initially be sent as CKD kits from India for local assembly in the USA before being progressively localized with American-made components and manufacturing. The company has appointed Bjoern Stoll, President & CEO at Digatron Power Electronics, Inc America, as Head of Quench (Americas).

Ranging in capacities from 30KW to 60KW/ 120KW/ 180KW /240KW and 360KW, Quench chargers are available in CCS1, CCS2, and ChaDeMo protocols.

Bjoern Stoll, who has spent the last 10 years in the hydrogen & cryogenic industry sector, said,” It is exciting to be taking this cutting-edge EV charger technology which has so far been designed, made in India and with many charger units now successfully installed in Australia, Southeast Asia, Europe and soon also the USA. The market in the US is experiencing significant growth following the announcement by the Biden Administration to support the rollout of sophisticated high-power EV charging infrastructure around the country. “

“Quench is a part of the 115-year-old Ador Group, which has a joint venture entitled ‘Ador Digatron’ between Ador, India, and Digatron, Germany. Ador Digatron provides deep industrial power electronics design, software & technical knowledge for quality battery formation rectifiers, battery testing equipment, battery charging technologies, and numerous customized battery charging solutions, including Electric Vehicle DC hyper chargers. Its chargers have been tested to withstand the harsh conditions of both the deserts of Saudi Arabia and the ultra-cold climates of Scandinavia”, said a company statement.

The company also added that Quench is already present in more than 10 countries. Currently, all the chargers are manufactured in the Pune facility and exported to various parts of Europe, SE Asia, the Middle East & Australia. With the appointment of Bjoern Stoll, they are taking Quench to the US, and the chargers will be manufactured in the group’s plant in Shelton starting later in 2023.

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