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Quench EV Chargers collaborates with ABC for off-grid EV charging solutions in the US

Quench EV Chargers and Advanced Battery Concepts (ABC), a US-based battery technology company, have entered a strategic collaboration to provide energy storage solutions for off-grid electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the United States. The collaboration will integrate ABC’s energy storage solutions into Quench Chargers’ product offerings, allowing customers to access reliable off-grid EV charging options. The ABC energy wall will help reduce demand charges for charging locations where it is deployed by addressing peak draw from the stations. Quench’s off-grid EV charging solutions can provide convenient and independent charging experiences in remote areas.

ABC manufactures long-duration Battery Energy Storage Systems that are recyclable and comprise of Advanced Bipolar EverGreenSeal™ battery technology. Their energy storage system utilizes readily available, domestically sourced materials, employs low-cost manufacturing processes, and features a distinct structural design that allows for the total recycling of active materials and battery cases. The technology has been developed over 14 years through substantial engineering and international testing, said a statement.

Quench Chargers is a part of the 115-year-old Ador Group, which has a joint venture called ‘Ador Digatron’ between Ador, India, and Digatron, Germany. Quench Americas CEO, Bjoern Stoll, expressed excitement about the partnership with ABC and highlighted how it will enhance their product offerings and provide off-grid EV charging solutions tailored to the unique needs of the U.S. market. “The integration of ABC’s advanced energy storage solutions into Quench Chargers’ products will help customers reduce locational demand charges and enable EV users to charge their vehicles in even the most remote locations”, he added.

Michael Everett, President of Advanced Battery Concepts, LLC, highlighted how ABC’s advanced battery technology, developed through years of research and development, will enable Quench Chargers to offer cutting-edge charging experiences to their customers.

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