VinFast introduces battery subscription program for US customers

Vietnamese automaker VinFast is offering a monthly Battery Subscription Program in order to make its electric SUVs more accessible. The company is starting with sales in the state of California and looks to expand to other locations in North America. When customers purchase VinFast EVs, there is an option to exclude the battery cost from the vehicle purchase price and pay the monthly battery subscription fees. With a valid battery subscription, VinFast will bear the responsibility for battery repairs, maintenance, and replacement costs resulting from technical defects. Batteries are replaced when the charging capacity drops below 70% compared to the initial charging capacity.

The program includes unlimited mileage in the monthly subscription. Customers who make a reservation and deposit for the VF 8 or VF 9 in 2022 or 2023 and subscribe to the program are being offered a permanent subscription fee for the product’s lifetime. This policy is automatically transferred to the new owner after the vehicle is sold.

Monthly subscription rates for orders placed by Dec 31, 2022:

EV ModelMonthly battery subscription fee for unlimited km
VF 8$ 169
VF 9$ 219

The SUVs are also available with the outright purchase of the battery. The prices for both options are given below. While VF8 is priced at USD 57,000 inclusive of battery, it would cost USD 42,000 with the battery ownership + monthly subscription. Similarly, VF9 is priced at USD 76,000 inclusive of battery; it would cost USD 57,500 with the battery ownership + monthly subscription.

Vinfast shipped its first batch of 999 VF8 electric SUVs to the United States on Nov 25 2022, and the first cars are expected to be handed over to customers by the end of December, the company said. In addition to the retail orders, the company said it also has a corporate order for 2500 EVs from US-based EV subscription service Autonomy.

VinFast LLC is a Vietnamese private automotive company headquartered in Vietnam. Established in 2017, it is a member of the conglomerate organization Vingroup founded by Phạm Nhật Vượng. The company launched global showrooms in the US, Canada, and Europe recently. VinFast has also filed for an IPO in the United States to fund its expansion with a manufacturing plant in North Carolina.

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