Piaggio, Honda, KTM and Yamaha set up Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium

PIAGGIO Group announced that it has set up Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC), with HONDA Motor, KTM and YAMAHA Motor to promote the widespread use of swappable batteries for motorcycle and light electric vehicles such as mopeds, scooters, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles.

Battery swapping operations require standardization in battery specifications of voltage and dimensions. The consortium will develop common technical specifications of the swappable battery systems and confirm common usage of such battery systems by working closely with National, European and International standardization bodies. A commonly developed swappable battery systems is key to the development of low-voltage electric mobility. The four companies had earlier signed the Letter of Intent on March 1, 2021.

The primary goals of the consortium are to:

1. Develop common technical specifications of the swappable battery systems

2. Confirm common usage of the battery systems

3. Make, and promote, the Consortium’s common specifications a standard within European and International standardization bodies

4. Expand the use of the Consortium’s common specification to global level

Stefan Pierer, CEO PIERER Mobility AG (formerly KTM Industries AG) said that,” Together with our partners, we will work to deliver a swappable battery system for low-voltage vehicles (48V) up to 11kW capacity, based on international technical standards. We very much look forward to ensuring that powered two-wheeler vehicles maintain their role in the future of both urban and non-urban mobility.”

The availability of charging stations varies between countries and there is still limited information for end users. Therefore, with this Consortium aim sat engaging the decision makers for the development and deployment of charging infrastructure to promote the increase of light electric vehicles.

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