List of Battery Swapping Solution Providers in India

On Aug 12, 2020, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways released a statement that electric 2Ws and 3Ws can be sold without a battery pack. The move is expected to boost the battery swapping infrastructure and ‘Energy as a service’ business models. The pay-as-you-go approach will not only lower the upfront acquisition cost of the EVs, but also significantly reduce the waiting time needed to recharge a battery pack.

This post features the leading battery swapping solutions providers in the country (in no particular order).

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Sun Mobility

Headquarters – Bengaluru | Founded – April 2017 | Co-founder – Chetan Maini

A 50:50 joint venture between Maini Group and SUN Group, and the most prominent player in India’s battery swapping space for electric 3Ws and e-buses. In Sep 2020, Bosch acquired 26% stake in the company.

Chetan Maini led Sun Mobility offers an open-architecture Energy Infrastructure Solution, including its own Smart Batteries that can be swapped at its Quick Interchange Stations. Provides a full stack solution including mobile apps for drivers and web interface for managers to onboard drivers and map vehicles.

The company has a focus on shared mobility segment and has partnered with OEMs and shared mobility providers to deploy its energy infrastructure and offer battery swapping services. Sun Mobility aims to power 1 million EVs by 2025 and save 8.5 million tons of CO2.

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Sun Mobility – Quick Interchange Station

Partnerships – Microsoft, Uber, Piaggio, SmartE, Ashok Leyland, Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board

Scale – Operational in 11 Indian cities, covered over 2 million emission free kms, transported over 3 lakh passengers via e-buses and 3Ws

In September 2019, Sun Mobility and Ashok Leyland launched 18 Circuit-S buses by Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited, supported by automated battery swap station equipped with a robotic arm that can swap the 600 kg battery within 3 mins.

Lithion Power

Headquarters – New Delhi | Founded – 2016 | CEO – Piyush Gupta

Lithion Power provides an Intelligent Energy platform for battery swapping infrastructure. Focused on providing swapping solutions for electric 3Ws and 2Ws. Claims to be India’s largest “Battery as a service” operator and provides charged Li-ion batteries via its network of Lithion Swapping Points in Delhi and NCR adjacent areas of Haryana. The solution also comprises of software that allows asset tracking and monitor energy utilisation. Each swapping takes less than 5 mins.

According to reports, the company planned to invest $ 1 billion to create an ecosystem for EV drivers to swap batteries.

Partnerships – Working with EV OEMs, battery manufacturers, fleet operators, asset managers & other entities in the EV ecosystem.

Scale – Plans a multi-fold augmentation of its battery swapping infrastructure in coming months.


Headquarters – Mumbai | Founded – 2019 | CEO – Siddharth Kabra

Provides a battery swapping and smart charging technology platform for EV owners, Logistics Players and OEMs, working on a pay-as-you-go model.

VoltUp has designed and manufactured EV Batteries, Battery Management System and Charging Stations which are housed on its platform to provide instant charge through battery swapping. Going forward, the company also plans to integrate solar energy to power its charging portals.

VoltUp Charging Portal for Battery Swapping Stations

Partnerships – Tied up with a few OEMs for strategic collaborations. Coming up with a swappable L5 electric 3W with one of the OEMs shortly. VoltUp is also looking to finalise partnerships with multiple logistics players.

Scale – Deployed three stations in Jaipur and planning another three in the next 2 months. To launch 10 swapping stations in Kolkata by Sep 2020. Plans to launch in Delhi NCR and Bangalore later this year apart from planned expansion to three more cities in Rajasthan.


Headquarters – Chennai | Founded – 2018 | CEO – Prabhjot Kaur

Housed at IIT Madras Research Park, Esmito offers a B2B SaaS platform for EV Infrastructure management including battery swapping management. The cloud-based platform enables real-time monitoring, control, and management of EV Infrastructure, as well as capable of performing battery performance analytics and can effectively integrate with third-party systems.

Esmito Battery Swapping Solution

Scale – Presence in 6 states across India collaborating with 5 operators for multiple pilot projects. 320 charging ports, 3,00,000 km monitored, 10,000 swaps performed.

Flowtrik is another IIT Madras based start-up (founded in 2019) that manufactures the hardware for EV charging, including bulk charging portals used at swapping stations.


Headquarters – Bengaluru | Founded – 2018 | CEO – Ravikiran Annaswamy

Numocity provides an enterprise level solution called ZipSwap for EV battery swapping operations. The start-up has provided its software solutions to multiple players in EV charging and swapping space.

Raised an undisclosed amount in a seed funding round in Jan 2020.


Headquarters – New Delhi | Founded – 2019 | CEO – Varun Goenka

E-Chargeup Solutions operates battery swapping stations for electric 3Ws. Through its dealer network, the start-up offers ‘Battery as a service’ to electric 3W drivers. It sources indigenously developed Li-ion batteries from Gurugram based Greenfuel Energy Solutions.

Scale – Operational in Delhi NCR since May 2019 and servicing to 900 customers per month at their Mayur Vihar Chargeup-HUB. Further expanding to North Delhi and plans to open 50 more HUBS in Delhi NCR. Aims to provide services to 2.4 million drivers through its dealer network.

Ola Electric

Headquarters – Bengaluru | Founded – 2019 | Co-founder – Anand Shah

Ola Electric operates a battery swapping station in Delhi NCR. According to Crunchbase, Ola Electric has raised more than USD 307 M till date.

Scale – Ola Electric announced plans to bring one million EVs on Indian roads by 2022 and set up an ecosystem involving battery swapping stations with a focus on two-wheelers and three-wheelers.

Partnerships – Tied up with BSES to set up swapping stations in Delhi. Providing battery swapping services to one of the OEM partners of logistics firm Avaan India.

More verified information on current scale and operations is awaited from the company.

Amara Raja Power Systems

Headquarters – Tirupati | Founded – 1985

Battery Swapping stations for electric 2W and 3Ws. Completed battery swapping station projects in Tirupati, Kochi and Lucknow.

Partnerships: Battery swapping project with BPCL in Kochi and Lucknow.

Okaya Power Group

Headquarters – New Delhi | Founded – 2002

Commissioned IoT based Battery Swap Station in Delhi and planning to install another 300 swapping stations across India in 2020.


Headquarters – Vadodara | Founded – 2018 | MD – Kartikey Hariyani

CHARGE+ZONE operates over 100 charging stations in India and recently added “battery as a fuel” as a new business swap model.

Scale – Aims to deliver daily swap /charging services to 1000+ e-rickshaws & e-autos by March 2021 in Delhi NCR across 25 micro hubs.

Cover Image Source: Esmito

Last Updated: Sep 4, 2020

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