Orxa Mantis – First Impressions | Comparison with Ultraviolette F77


Orxa Energies – a Bengaluru based hardware start-up recently launched their first bike – Mantis, and what better platform than the India Bike Week. Orxa was founded by two avid bikers in 2015 with the vision to create a ‘No Compromise’ electric sportsbike, and looks like they have come through.

MANTIS – Whaaaaaaattt….

The name mantis comes from the eponymous insect, and given how the bike looks it could not have been named more appropriately. The bike boasts of a very raw, streetfighter-esqe styling. Its dual headlamps look much like the eyes of a mantis. It feels like the bike is staring right down your soul. The overall stance of the bike is very predator like with aspects like stealth, agility, pace, all being built into one. This one for sure is a looker.

Does Mantis Compliment the Rider?

To begin with, the rider stance is pretty decent as it is slightly on the committed side with rear set footpegs. This means the rider can expect to travel an odd 50-60 km before getting sore. However, we can expect it to behave pretty well on the streets. Handling duties are going to be taken care of by a pair of clip on handlebars, which ideally should improve the handling of the bike around the corners. It also features a telescopic suspension setup which could have been replaced with a more advanced USD suspension, as it would provide the rider with more comfort as well as more confidence around the turns.

The motorcycle is bound together by a cast frame made with aerospace grade aluminium. The tail end of the bike is on the shorter side, which might raise a few brows. Mantis weighs pretty less at 175 kg and that would make it a treat to ride. The bike comes with a split seat, with the rear seat placed slightly higher so pillions can stay home.

The Spec Combination

Insane amount of TORQUE + 140 km/h of top speed + light weight + great balance + a very decent riding posture + and all this without a sound.

Though we have only seen the prototype so far, the company claims that the production ready version would look very much similar. So expect the bike to retain its appeal even in the production version.

The Heart of Mantis

Orxa have prior experience with battery making as they have been supplying battery packs to other OEMs. Mantis features a 9 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which is divided into 6 smaller battery units weighing 65 kg in total. The swappable battery pack is developed in house, and comes with a proprietary Battery Management System. Orxa is working towards creating battery swapping stations (bunk stations, as they call them) where you would be able to replace your discharged battery for a fully charged one in a matter of minutes.

The battery pack can be fully charged in about 3.5 hours, using a 15A charger. The company claims a range of 200 km per charge and a top speed of 140 km/h, which is pretty great.

The bike would feature a fully digital display which will have mobile phone connectivity via a specialised app, and provide the rider tons of information about the motorcycle as well as riding patterns.

Mantis vs F77

With the recent launch of Ultraviolette F77 and prior to that Revolt RV 400, the Mantis seems like a natural competitor for the F77. RV 400 does not come anywhere near the performance characteristics of either Mantis or F77.

The exact price of both these motorcycles has not been revealed yet, however, with the features on offer from both these bikes and the claimed performance characteristics, it is worth comparing the two.

Head on – Both Ultraviolette F77 and Orxa Mantis go neck to neck. Both vie for the samemarket, and provide similar features.. One of the major difference is observed in Range per charge. Mantis provides a substantially higher range of 200 km, 50 km more than what F77 has to offer.

Mantis vs F77

Apart from this, another difference is acceleration. Mantis takes 8 seconds for its 0 to 100 kmph, which is 1 second more than the F77. This difference might be due to the fact that Mantis is heavier by 17 kg when compared to F77.

While Mantis looks like a raw street motorcycle, F77 looks much like a civilized version of a street motorcycle with great track abilities. Mantis does lack a fast charger but once the battery swapping stations are set, mantis carries a slight advantage. When it comes to pricing, Ultraviolette F77 should be priced around the 3 lakh mark while Mantis might carry a higher price tag. 

Our Verdict

Mantis stands tall alongside the company ambition of making a ‘NO COMPROMISE’ bike. Hats Off to ORXA Energies. You guys have made a monster of a bike. As the sales commence by 2020, it would be very interesting to see this rivalry between Mantis and F77, with both of them arriving under the similar price bracket and boasting powerful numbers.

This article is authored by Milind Singh. Click here to read his take on Ultraviolette F77.

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