MoRTH takes cognizance of violations of CMVR norms by low-speed 2W EV OEMs

A letter by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has been issued to the Principal Secretaries/Secretaries, Department of Transport of all the States/ UTs and The Transport Commissioners of all the States/ UTs stating the Violations of CMVR norms by EV OEMs in the sale of Low-Speed Electric two Wheelers.

The letter states that many dealer showrooms have mushroomed across Pan India and indulged in the sale of Battery Operated two-wheelers in contravention of the provisions under CMVR 1989.

These manufacturers and dealers are supplying higher battery capacity models, which are plying with top speeds of 40 kmph to 55 kmph without type approval, insurance and vehicle identification as per norms. These vehicles are tampering with the verification undertaken by the Testing Agency.

EVreporter had also highlighted these violations in a recent article and written about a group of lawyers pursuing the matter through a legal route.

In view of the above, the authorities have been asked to look into the matter and take appropriate action as per the Motor vehicle Act 1988. We hope this step will result in containing the ongoing malpractices in the industry.

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