Luxury electric cars available in the Indian market

Just a little over an year ago, Mercedes launched its First Luxury Electric Vehicle in India – The EQC SUV. Other well-known luxury car manufacturers quickly followed suit, with Jaguar, Audi, Porsche, and, most recently, BMW introducing their own electric vehicle models. Audi has the most variants across its E-tron range, with a choice of an SUV, a sportback, and a sedan. Porsche also introduced the Taycan range, which includes a sports saloon and an estate. Jaguar and BMW, on the other hand, only offer electric SUVs.

Let’s compare the EVs based on their performance parameters

In terms of performance, the Porsche Taycan Cross Tourismo Turbo S is the quickest of all the luxury EVs, achieving a 0 to 100 kmph in just 2.8 seconds, and it is also the most powerful, with a whopping 1050 newton metres of peak torque and 567kW of peak power, while the BMW ix is the slowest in taking 6.6 seconds to reach a 100kmph mark, which is still reasonable for an SUV.

How long will it take for the Battery to Charge, the Range and Battery Capacity ?

Now comes the most important question, which one will take you to the moon? None! But the Audi claim 481kms of range on a single charge, which is good enough distance, but the real world range would most likely differ. The Jaguar i-pace follows with a 470 km of claimed range, and it is the BMW ix which offers the least on paper range 425 kms, which also has the smallest battery powerhouse in this list, of just 76.6 kWh. The Porsche here has the most juice, offering a 93.4 kWh of battery pack.

When it comes to charging times, all of these luxury cars will take a minimum of 8hrs to rejuvenate their battery packs until they’re ready to go, considering they’re charged using a 11kW charger, which is what most OEMs are offering with the EVs. Thanks to an upgrade from Mercedes to offer an 11kW charger as compared to previously offered 7.4kW charger, it is now the quickest to reach a 100% charging capacity in just 7 hours 30 minutes.

The e-tron GT takes around 9 and a half hour to do so, making it the slowest to charge upto a 100% mark.

Then there’s the Price

You gotta pay at least a crore to get your hands onto these luxury EVs. At INR 1.06 Crores ex showroom, Mercedes is the most affordable, while the Porsche is the most expensive being priced at INR 2.31 Crores ex-showroom (With great power comes great price!).

It is worth mentioning that all the specs are on paper, and the performance, range, and charging time can vary, but we do get an idea of what these figures can be in real world.

Compiled by Shubham Mishra

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