Honda to start battery swapping services for electric 3Ws in India in the first half of 2022

Honda Motor Co. has announced plans to begin a battery sharing service for electric 3Ws in India, in the first half of 2022, using the Honda’s swappable battery packs called Mobile Power Pack e: (MPP e:). Honda aims to solve the common e-mobility related issues of short range, long charging time and high cost of batteries through the use of swappable batteries and by sharing such batteries. 

Notably, Honda began demonstration testing in India in February 2021, with 30 units of electric rickshaw taxis driven for a total of more than 200,000 km in operation. Through this testing, Honda claims to have identified issues to be addressed and verified business viability.

How will it work

Honda’s battery sharing service will enable rickshaw drivers to stop by at the nearest battery swapping stations being set up in the city and swap a MPP e: battery with a low remaining charge for a fully-charged battery pack.

To begin this service, Honda will establish a local subsidiary in India to conduct battery swapping service business. The subsidiary will install a number of Honda Mobile Power Pack Exchanger e: as battery swapping stations and conduct battery sharing services in the city. Honda will work with electric rickshaw manufacturers and begin the service in selected cities first and then expand to other areas in stages. 

About Honda Mobile Power Pack e: 

Honda Mobile Power Pack e: (MPP e:) is a portable and swappable lithium-ion battery with 1.3 kWh or more capacity. The built-in control unit recognizes the conditions of the pack and records the occurrence of all events. This data will be collected through the connector while the battery is charging and then utilized for the battery sharing operation and other secondary uses. 

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