List of Top EV Charging Solution Providers in India

We have compiled a list of EV Charging Equipment and Solutions Providers who are operating in India. We hope you will find it useful in your search for a suitable EV Charging Solution partner. For insights into basics of EV Charging, please read our Guide to EV Charging and EV Standards in India.

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EVSE Manufacturers and Charging Solution Providers

1. Delta Electronics India

Offerings – EV charging equipment including AC EV charger, DC quick charger, and Site Management System for parking lots, workplaces, fleet and residential buildings, etc.

Notable Projects – Launched Mumbai’s first DC Fast-Charger at Maharashtra Mantralaya. Partnership with MG Motors and EV Motors to enable EV Charging Infrastructure

2. Mass-Tech

Offerings – AC and DC chargers of varying configurations and Installation

Notable Projects – Completed Charging Station projects with TATA motors in Mumbai for DC Fast Charging station. Clients include Force, Eicher, Volvo, Mahindra.

3. ABB India

Offerings – Manufacturing of Fast DC chargers and installation. ABB is a global leader in EV fast-charging solutions with more than 6,000 units installed in 55 countries.

Notable Projects – Installed Terra 53 Fast Charger Station At NITI Aayog office in Feb 2018.

4. Exicom

Offerings – Batteries and Bharat EV chargers. High Voltage all-in-one Harmony chargers – GB/T, CHAdeMO and CCS compatible that can provide power output between 30 kW to 150 kW. EV charging solutions for home and public charging for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Notable Projects – Won the NTPC tender for setting up DC charging infrastructure for e-buses in Jabalpur, comprising of 120kW and 50kW CCS chargers. Setup Bharat AC and DC chargers for Tata Tigor and Mahindra e-Verito cars procured by EESL. Also, set up AC & DC EV charging station at parking facility of Tau Devi Lal Sports Stadium, Gurgaon in Sep 2018.

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5. Okaya Power Group

Offerings – Charging station solutions for transport and fleet. The charging stations are equipped with a big charger base, logistics, intelligent controls, back-end support, operations management and surveillance systems. Provides chargers for all Electric Vehicles of IEC 60309 (Bharat Ac001), IEC 62196 – 2 (Type 2 AC), CCS – 2, CHAdeMO & GB/T charging standards compliance in AC Charger 230V or 415V and in DC Charger output voltage up to 750/1000 V.

Notable Projects – Awarded contract by REIL (a GoI PSU) for commissioning of 200 multi-standard chargers in metro cities and national highways in Nov 2019.

6. EVQpoint

Offerings – 3.3kW AC Charging Station inclusive of invoicing and monitoring for offices, commercial and residential complexes. DC chargers for Electric scooters, e-rickshaws, e-autos and for Battery swapping stations. All of the EVQPoint products are fully indigenously designed, developed and made in India

7. BrightBlu

Offerings – AC Type 2 Charger and charging management software. The entity was formed in Aug 2019 from the merger of Asia Electric, an EV charging solutions company and DrivAMP, a smart charging technology provider.

8. Magenta Group

Offerings – ‘ChargeGrid’ series (Lite, Pro and Ultra) of EV charging stations for homes, apartments, PCS and commercial spaces. Operates an open charging network ‘ChargeGrid’ connected with a mobile app and command centre.

Notable Projects – Installed country’s first solar-based EV charging station, first EV highway (Mumbai-Pune EV Highway), first EV App ‘Charge Grid’ to find out the location of EV chargers and more and country’s first EV billing meter in Maharashtra. Has a partnership with HPCL to install 500 EV charging points. Installed the DC fast charger in Navi Mumbai in partnership with Exicom. Received ‘EV Charging Enabling Technology Leadership Award’ at 2019 F&S India Mobility Awards.

9. Fortum India

Offerings – Charging stations providing charging services over Fortum’s Charge & Drive platform. A global energy company with 3000 smart chargers in Nordic countries.

Notable Projects – IndianOil’s first public EV charging station in Hyderabad. Has already operational 36 DC, unmanned charging points in Hyderabad and Mumbai, looking to ramp up the numbers to 720 by 2020 across seven cities. Partnership with MG to install 50-kilowatt fast-charging stations across showrooms in Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad.

10. Volttic – Parent Company Tvesas

Offerings – EV Charging Service provider helps with the installation of AC-001, DC-001 and DC Fast Chargers. Offer Charging Station Solutions for home, cities and highways including CMS and end-user mobile apps.

11. Evolt

Offerings – EVSE Infrastructure Consulting to help with  EV charger selection, installation from start to finish – from site verification and feasibility through permitting and approvals and software app selection, and all necessary steps, including the commissioning of the final installation.

12. Evcharz

Offerings – Charger installation, EV Dealer Management Software, EV Charging Energy Monitoring Services and EV Management Services

13. ACME

Offerings – Lithium batteries, Charging Stations

Notable Projects – Provided battery swapping and charging stations ‘EcoCharge’ to Ola for their pilot e-mobility project at Nagpur.

14. Ensto

Offerings – Manfactures EVSEs and cloud-based EV station management software.

Notable Projects – Ensto electric vehicle charging station in New Delhi was opened on October 4, 2017 – complete with Ensto Pro EV charging unit and connected to Fortum’s Charge & Drive platform.

15. Semaconnect India

Offerings – Provides open network and smart grid ready EV charging stations to individual vehicle owners and businesses.

16. BDB Point

Offerings – Bharat AC001-DC001, CCS, CHAdeMO, GB/T chargers. Mobile App, cloud Based Web service, E-mobility consulting, AMC & Commissioning Services, EVCS Spares & Service

17. Ecovcharge

Offerings – Supply, manufacturing and servicing of Type 1, 2 and 3 Electric Car ‘EO’ chargers. Setting up charging infrastructure and support software. 

18. Zevpoint

Offerings – Chargers, EVSE installation, Set up of Charging Stations, User mobile app, E-mobility consulting

19. Semco Infratech

Offerings – AC and DC Chargers manufactured by EVBOX.

20. Cell Propulsion

Offerings – An e-mobility company, also providing AC and DC chargers and installation of charging stations.

21. Panasonic

Offerings – Nymbus Charging Service that includes charging stations and battery swapping stations along with a cloud-based management service.

Notable Projects – Deployed Nymbus Charging Service for 150 SmartE electric three-wheelers and 25 qQuick two-wheelers in Delhi-NCR in May 2019. Partnered with BSES Yamuna Power Limited to set up an EV charging station at their New Delhi head office. Panasonic aims to set up around one lakh charging stations for EVs across 25 top Indian cities by 2024.

22. TATA Power

Offerings – One of the most prominent charging networks in the country. Offers EV charging solutions for EV fleet, commercial spaces, office charging and public charging. EV charging network covers 85 charging points in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad across 9 states.

Notable Projects – Established first public Electric Vehicle charging stations in Mumbai. MoUs for setting up commercial EV charging stations at HPCL, IOCL, and IGL retail outlets. Partnered with Tata Motors to set up 300 fast-charging stations across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad by end FY20.

Go through our article on EV Charging at Hotels to find out how existing infrastructure can be leveraged to enable EV charging for inter-city trips. For information on the latest charging guidelines by the government, visit Charging Guidelines.

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Last Updated: May 19, 2020

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    The compendium is very useful.
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