Top EV Powertrain Components Manufacturers in India

We, at EVreporter, have compiled a list of companies that are manufacturing the components of EV powertrain in India.

Lithium-ion batteries make up for a lion’s share of cost among EV powertrain components, but at present, the Li-ion cells are being imported from China or Taiwan and Indian battery makers are assembling them into battery packs. There are other posts dedicated to Lithium-ion batteries and EVSE (charger) manufacturers in India.

Core Components of EV Powertrain

This post focusses on manufactures of other core powertrain components for EV applications in 2W, 3W, 4W, LCVs or buses, namely – Electric Motors, Controllers and DC/DC Converters. To know more about electric vehicles powertrains and India’s automotive component industry, visit this post.

EV Powertrain Components
Core Components of EV Powertrain

As of now most of the components for EV Powertrain for different vehicle segments are being imported into the country. As per an ACMA report, overall imports of auto components increased by 14.4 per cent to Rs.1,23,688 crore (USD 17.6 billion) in 2018-19 from Rs.106,672 crore (USD 15.9 billion) in 2017-18. Asia accounted for 61 per cent of imports followed by Europe and North America, with 29 per cent and 8 per cent respectively.

The aim of this post is to highlight the companies that are making EV powertrain components in India or are in the process of getting their products market-ready, in the view of localization push by government and its effort towards curbing the imports to establish robust EV supply chains in the country. #MakeInIndia

Top EV powertrain component suppliers in India

Please let us know in the comments section if there are any companies we have missed out on.

Last updated: 04 Jul, 2020

Electra EV (Electrodrive Powertrain Solutions Pvt Ltd), Coimbatore

Electra EV, founded in 2017, is involved in design, development, manufacturing, supply and servicing of EV powertrains. The company is focussed on creating relevant and affordable EV powertrain solutions to support OEMs, orchestrators and tier-1 suppliers. As of Jun 2020, close to 2000 four-wheelers in India have Electra EV powertrains in them.

Components: Entire Powertrain kits, Battery packs and Chargers

Segments: 4Ws (Passenger cars and Commercial Vehicles)


Management: Samir Yajnik, Executive Director | Sumeet Dhar, COO

Altigreen Propulsion Labs, Bengaluru

Altigreen’s solutions can be retrofitted to ICE vehicles and they also provide customised powertrain design and development for OEMs. Altigreen has a split R&D centre in USA and India, with manufacturing and product distribution partners across India. First 3W from their stable is expected to launch in 2020 and offer a range of 120 km. According to Crunchbase, the company has raised a total of USD 2m over two rounds.

Segments – 2W, 3W autos and e-rickshaws, 4Ws passenger cars, LCVs


Management Amitabh Saran, CEO| Shalendra Gupta, CFO

Cell Propulsion, Bengaluru

Winners of better-bus challenge by WRI in 2018, Cell Propulsion is developing powertrain solutions to convert ICE buses and heavy commercial vehicles into electric. They have already converted a 4W and 3W LCV into electric as experimental vehicles for demonstration purposes. The electric bus is being developed at a BMTC workshop in Bengaluru. Cell propulsion is also building IP in BMS, Chargers, Electric motors and Controllers, software stack for electric powertrains.

Segments – Buses, LCVs

Management Nakul Kukar, CEO |Paras Kaushal, COO

A Maini Group company, Virya offers a range of e-mobility solutions encompassing electric powertrains, vehicle integration and charging solutions. The chargers manufactured by them are supplied to Mahindra Electric & Electra EV. The company makes chargers and DC/DC converters locally and develops electric motors in collaboration with its local partners. Promoters include Chetan Maini – the pioneer of India’s first electric car REVA. 

Components – 1kW to 30kW full power train components including motor, controller, contactor, cluster, onboard and off changers and DC-DC converters

Segments – 3W e-Rickshaws, e-Auto and 4W micro trucks


Management VM Suresh, CEO

Founded in 2017, Bhorzvan supplies custom made Motors and Controllers to Automotive OEM’s and Startups. They develop custom motors right from 5 kW to 250 kW, also supply to applications like aerospace and industrial robotics where high reliability and efficiency is required. The company has a Universal drive that can work with any type of motor, BLDC ACIM, PMSM, SRM, IPM or even brushed motors. Key management includes an ex-co-Founder of Tork Motors and Rohan Shravan, who was the first to build an Android tablet in 2009 and launch at CES. Bhorzvan claims their motors are 3 times lighter in weight and volume and half the cost than competition.

Components – Motors and Controllers

Segments – 2W, 3W, 4W


Management Nishant Kalbhor, Founder

Faridabad based Compage Automation provides BLDC/PMSM motors EV applications ranging from 400 W to 22 KW in any voltage from 24 Volts to 144 Volts. Compare claims that they have more than 50,000 motors running in the market, and counts 45 e-rickshaw OEMs, 2 e-auto OEMs and 2 e-tractor OEMs as their clients. Products are iCATi / ARAI certified.

Components – Motors – BLDC and PMSM, controllers. Powertrain solutions for e-3Ws and retrofit kits for 2Ws and 3Ws

Segments – 2Ws, 3Ws, 4Ws


Management Akshay Aggarwal, Director

Shakti Pumps (near Indore) has BLDC motors production capacity of 20,000 motors per month and is currently making motors and controllers for electric 3Ws. The company is soon expected to manufacture motors for electric 4Ws as well.

Components – Motors for electric 3Ws (1 kW and 1.2 kW) and controllers


Management Sunil Patidar, Director

EntEM is an EV R&D house engaged in the design, development, testing and system validations for Drivetrains (Electric Motors + Controllers) and Combined Charging Stations. The team is based out of Bengaluru and Thiruvananthapuram.

Components – BLDC, PMSM, SynRM type electric motors ranging from 1kW to 150kW, controllers, Charging Station development.

Segments – 2Ws, 3Ws, 4Ws and heavy commercial vehicles


Management Rakesh Mishra, Founder | Tijo Thomas, CTO

Facility in Coimbatore to design and develop traction motors and controllers for e-mobility applications, operational since Jan 2020. EMF Innovations will offer EV motors at more competitive prices than imports with local warranty and support. Annual production capacity of 1,44,000 hub motors.

Components – BLDC Hub Motors, SRM, Inner rotar motors/Midway motors, Controllers

Segments – 2Ws, 3W autos and e-rickshaws, LCVs


Management Sivasankari.T.P, MD

Founded in 2010. Claims to be the first indigenous company manufacturing EV powertrain components in the country. Recently, also supplied components to L&T for special vehicles.

Components – Electric Motors (BLDC, PMSM), Controllers, Chargers, DC-DC Converters

Segments – 2W bikes and motorcycles, 3W autos and e-rickshaws


Management Venkat Katta, Founder & CTO

JV between Sterling Tools Ltd. & Jiangsu Gtake Electric Co. Ltd to design, manufacture and supply Motor Control Units (MCUs) as well as paired electric motors for Electric/Hybrid Vehicle OEMs across India. Aims to deliver technology suited to Indian conditions.

Components: Motor Controllers for Electric Vehicles. Matched & Optimized Induction and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors for.


Management: Jaideep Wadhwa, CEO

Research, Development and Manufacturing of BLDC and PMSM traction motors for EV powertrain.

Components – Hub Motors ranging from 800 W to 2000 W for 2W application. Mid-mount Motors ranging from 3 kW to 20 kW for 2W and 4W applications.

Segment- 2W, 3W, 4W

Website – Under Development

Management: Deepak Jadhav, Founder and CEO

Manufacturers of indigenous motors and controllers with a production capacity of up to 20,000 drivetrains a month. Konmos run an in-house R&D facility to design and develop the drivetrains as per OEM requirement. Has tie-ups with OEMs in e2W and 3W space. Offers a wide power range of PMSM motor and controller from 1000 W to 50kW.

Components – PMSM motors, controllers.

Segments – 2Ws, 3Ws

Management Jitesh Dodiya, Head of Strategy

eMotive Systems provides complete consultancy and engineering services to OEMs including vehicle performance simulation. Alongside EV application, the company is also involved in manufacturing of components for industrial applications such as forklifts, and conducting training courses for component design.

Components – Controllers, DC/DC Converters, On-board Chargers

Segments – 2W, 3W

Management Sajith AH, CTO

Founded in 2018, Elecnovo is engaged in design, development and supply of indigenously engineered electric motors and electronic controllers for Electric Vehicles. 

Components – Electric Motors and Electronic Controllers

Segments – Electric Bicycles, e-Rickshaws, e-Scooters and motorcycles, electric Passenger Vehicles, and electric Goods Vehicles

Management Ratul Borah, CEO

Founded in 2017 and incubated at IIT Delhi, Quanteon Powertrain is a start-up by Indian Navy Veterans. The company has filed for a patent for developing axial flux motor with 95% regenerative braking. The start-up is prototyping for PMSM for a bus, BLDC for 3W/2W and SRM for 2W.

Components – Axial Flux in-wheel electric motors

Segments – All EV segments

Management Ramesh Lakra, CEO | Narsimham KV, COO

Rizel Automotive is developing high performance, lightweight and low-cost EV Motor technology. Currently working with retrofitting companies and OEMs on pilot runs.

Components: PMSM Motors between 20kW to 150kW of continuous power, meant for 3W, 4Ws and Heavy Vehicles. Also, plans to develop Motors between 2kW and 20kW, for 2W and 3W applications.

Segments: 3Ws, 4Ws and commercial vehicles


Management: BVN Madhu, Co-founder

Founded in 2018, RACEnergy specializes in design and manufacturing of Smart Electric Powertrains, Battery Pack and Battery Swapping Stations. They are currently in the process of setting up a production plant with an annual capacity of 3,000 electric Powertrains and 10,000 Battery Packs. 

Components – Smart Powetrains, Battery Packs, Battery Swapping Stations

Segments- 3W and 2W

Management: Arun Sreyas – CEO | Gautham M – CTO

One of India’s leading supplier of automotive electronic products, employs over 2500 people. Among EV OEMs, Napino counts Ather Energy as one its clients. Their portfolio also includes Electronic Control Units and rectifiers. More details awaited from the company.

Components – Electric Motor (BLDC), Controllers and BMS, Wire Harness

Segments – 2W, 3W


Management Naveen Kumar Singh, Group CEO

Founded in 1960, Jayem has over four decades of experience in Automotive Product Development. The company has developed in-house expertise for building e-mobility systems including powertrain and telematics system. More details awaited from the company.

Components – Induction Motors, Controller, Charger


Management – J. Anand, MD

Established in 2016, EVEX India is involved in fabrication and chassis development.

Components: 2Ws and 3W chasis

Segments: 2W, 3W


Management: Chander Sharma, MD

Components: Battery charger, BMS range -12v/24v/48v/72v supporting upto 200A current, Motor Controllers in planning stage

Segments: 2W, 3W, 4W


Management: Sachin Agrawal, CEO

Established in 2007, one of the leading automotive components manufacturer in the country. Specialises in medium to high-density sintered components for automotive engine, powertrain and exhaust systems. 

Components: For electric vehicle powertrains, offers soft magnetic composite (SMC) components and assemblies for applications in modern electric motors in addition to, powder metal components for sensors.


Management: Jignesh Raval, CEO

Founded in 2018, Arago Electric have their DC/DC converter ready for pilot testing. The motor and inverter were expected to be ready by the end of the year 2019. The motors are independent of rare earth magnets and can be customised according to client specifications. Further details awaited from the company.

Components – Electric Motors (Induction Motor), Controllers, DC/DC Converters

Segments – 2W, 3W

Management Akshay Jagtap, Founder

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