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Electric truck OEM Tresa Motors unveils its axial flux motor platform

On August 29th, 2023, Tresa Motors, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for electric trucks based in India, introduced its platform, the FLUX 350, featuring a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Axial Flux Motor. Delivering a continuous power of 350kW, this compact motor design incorporates Neodymium magnets, localized manufacturing, and advanced cooling techniques – said a company statement.

While radial flux motors have been commonly used, Tresa’s Axial Flux Motors guide magnetic flux along the axis. The FLUX 350 utilizes a stackable arrangement of stator and rotor discs, resulting in a compact and flattened design. This design choice offers an impactful torque-to-weight ratio and efficient power delivery, particularly suited for heavy-duty applications like electric trucks. Compared to traditional radial flux motors, the Axial Flux Motors offer advantages such as higher power density, improved cooling capabilities, and enhanced overall efficiency.

“Our ambition is to make India a hub for cutting-edge technology and innovation,” said Rohan Shravan, Founder and CEO, Tresa Motors. “By investing in the development of fundamental technologies like Axial Flux Motors, we aim to elevate India’s stature on the global stage and create a brighter future for our nation.”

For creating the FLUX 350, Tresa Motors has managed over 100 factors using custom simulation software, designing a motor that exceeded performance expectations and addressed manufacturing concerns. Additionally, local manufacturing was of essential importance to Tresa Motors, collaborating with skilled manufacturers in Bangalore known for their ties to entities like ISRO and major auto firms and achieving integration of Neodymium magnets for increased magnetic flux and an impressive stator lamination stack, added the release.

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