Weber Drivetrain launches manufacturing facility for BLDC Hub motors and controllers with INR 35 crore investment

Pune-based EV startup Weber Drivetrain has launched its automated manufacturing facility in Chakan MIDC, Pune, Maharashtra. The manufacturing plant will incorporate major automation integration, including the latest semi-robotics and cutting-edge manufacturing machinery, to produce 100% Made in India BLDC HUB Motors and Controllers for Electric Vehicles in accordance with Indian market regulatory standards. Through a combination of in-house and collaborative R&D, the start-up has committed a total investment of 35 crores in Phase 1 for the establishment of a manufacturing unit.

The manufacturing facility aims to provide products ranging in capacity from 0.25 kW to 4 kW and capable of serving multiple segments such as E-bicycles, E-Scooters, and E-Motorcycles. Weber Drivetrain is expected to launch its product offering and solutions by December 2022.

As minimizing barriers to electric vehicle adoption is critical to meeting India’s ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals, Weber Drivetrain is poised to offer a widespread, realistic solution to mass EV adoption in the country. Our mission is not only to have a strong influence on the EV industry but also to support and encourage every positive EV growth initiative in India and beyond”, said Prashant Shete, founder and MD, Weber Drivetrain.

Weber Drivetrain is Co-founded by Mr Prashant shete and Mr Sachin Jain. Mr. Prashant Shete is an automobile industry professional with a record of 24 years and 5 years in the electric vehicle segment.

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