Hyundai Kona – Latest Vehicle for Government Departments

Under the latest phase of electric vehicle procurement program, the Indian government has opted for Hyundai Kona – the fully electric SUV as the official vehicle for government departments.

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EESL – Energy Efficiency Services Ltd is responsible for managing the procurement of electric vehicles and had earlier placed orders for TATA Tigor EV and Mahindra e-verito in 2017. However, as per reports, the officers using the procured cars were left unimpressed with the performance and range of the vehicles and the agency had expressed its displeasure to the OEMs. This is being seen as the main reason for the state-run agency opting for a car that costs double the price of other electric options. Moreover, the total order quantity for Tigor EV and e-verito has been reduced from the original 10,000 to 3,000 owing to performance concerns.

For specification comparison between these cars, please refer to the table below:

Comparison of Electric Cars
Specifications of Electric Cars Available in India

Hyundai Kona claims a running cost of 1/5th of an equivalent ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle. The claimed range of 452 km, however, drops to 324 km in a real-life road test, as noted in this review by Autocar. However, this is still a better proposition than the range offered by the other two options, along with faster charging as noted in the table above.

The electric SUV was launched in July 2019 in India and has received a good response from early adopters in the country. The company has so far delivered 177 units to individual buyers from a booking count of 300.

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