Gogoro and Zypp Electric to run e2W battery swapping pilot for last-mile deliveries

Battery swapping solutions provider Gogoro Inc. has announced a B2B initiative and partnership with Zypp Electric, India’s EV-as-a-Service platform. The companies will launch a Battery Swapping B2B Pilot in Delhi in December 2022 to electrify last-mile delivery fleets through Gogoro Network.

“With more than 350 million battery swaps to date, Gogoro is introducing its battery swapping platform in India to establish a new generation of electric two-wheel transportation,” said Horace Luke, founder and chief executive officer of Gogoro. 

Gogoro expects to work with multiple fleet operators to support last-mile fulfilment, e-commerce, & hyper-local deliveries. Gogoro is also a founding member of the Indian Battery Swapping Association (IBSA).

Akash Gupta, CEO and co-founder of Zypp Electric, said, “We are super excited to partner with Gogoro, a like-minded global EV player stepping into the Indian market and decarbonizing Indian last-mile deliveries with Gogoro’s battery swapping platform that is proven at scale to be safe, easy for riders to use, easy to deploy in cities and open to all businesses.” 

Gogoro Appoints Kaushik Burman as General Manager of India

Gogoro has appointed Kaushik Burman as the general manager of India for Gogoro. Burman previously led Gogoro’s global expansion and, prior to Gogoro, was a General Manager at Shell in Europe and Asia.

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2 thoughts on “Gogoro and Zypp Electric to run e2W battery swapping pilot for last-mile deliveries

  • How to opan swaip bettery points

  • better , faster, more comfortable solution of swapping : battery under vehicle’s seat (between seat and floor ). Fresh loaded battery moved from vehicle’s side , and empty battery moved out to other side ( beeing pushed by fresh battery ). I have shown it on movie on YT “system szybkiej wymiany akumulatorów w EV”


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