Leading EV Training Providers in India

We have been getting a lot of queries from students and other readers regarding EV related training programs. This list is a compilation of training providers who are conducting courses and workshops around electric vehicles, powertrain, battery and charging infrastructure.

(in no particular order) | Last updated: 22 Apr, 2021

1. AutoBot India

Headquarters – Noida | Website – edu.autobotindia.com

Contact – training@autobotindia.com | +91-8860040003

2. Devise Electronics

Headquarters – Pune | Website – http://www.deviseelectronics.com

Contact – webadmin@deviseelectronics.com | +91-7219204002

3. Decibels Lab

Headquarters – Bengaluru | Website – https://lms.decibelslab.com/collections?category=EVcertification

Contact – contact@decibelslab.com| +91-7411019255

4. DIY Guru

Headquarters – Gurugram | Website – www.diyguru.org

Contact: support@diyguru.org | +91-124-4284038

5. Ready For Future

Headquarters – Pune | Website – readyforfuture.in, readyforfuture.online

Contact: training@readyforfuture.in |+91-8087087000

6. EMF Innovations

Headquarters – Coimbatore | 20 day Motor Training Course

Contact – varun@emf-i.com | +91-7708584111

7. MakerMax Inc (both online and on-site courses)

Headquarters – Victoria, Canada, India Office – Gurugram

Website – makermax.ca/courses

Contact: info@makermax.ca | +91-8448440869

8. EV Training by Amika Global Education

Headquarters – Gurugram | Website – www.evtraining.in

Contact: info@evtraining.in | +91-9560555668

9. pManifold EV Training & Certification Programs

Headquarters – Nagpur | Website – https://www.pmanifold.com/evtraining/

Contact:  evtraining@pManifold.com | +91 72496 85682

10. TESLA EV Academy

Headquarters – Pune | Website – https://teslaevacademy.evcoaching.in

Contact: director.teslaevacademy@gmail.com | +91 9764001799

11.  Pragyatmika

Headquarters – Ghaziabad | Website – www.pragyatmika.co.in

Contact: helpdesk@pragyatmika.co.in | +91-9654596573

12. Haritha TechLogix

Headquarters – Bengaluru | Website – www.harithatechlogix.com

Contact: admin@harithatechlogix.com | +91-9786196955

13. Logiczap Technologies OPC

Headquarters – Rourkela, Odisha, IN | Website – www.logiczapedu.org,  www.logiczaptech.com

Contact: tech@logiczapedu.org | +91-7978341462

14. SkillShark EduTech

Headquarters – Hyderabad | Website – www.skillshark.in

Contact: skillshark.in@gmail.com | +91-9028095540

15. Prudent Consultants

Headquarters – Bengaluru | Website – www.prudentc.com

Contact: info@prudentc.com | +91-9739920242

16. Academy of EV Technology

Headquarters – Howrah, West Bengal | Website – www.aevt.org

Contact – aevtoffice@gmail.com | +91-8296353254

17. Rosefield Energy Tech Pvt Ltd

Headquarters – Mumbai | Website – https://www.rosefieldb2b.com/

Contact – info@rosefieldb2b.com | +91 9619489407

ARAI Academy has also started online training programme on Electric Vehicles as a part of EV Awareness Programme by Department of Heavy Industry. More details can be found at this link – academy.araiindia.com or ARAI Academy LinkedIn Page

Please add in comments section if you know about any other training providers in the domain, and we’ll accordingly update the list.

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18 thoughts on “Leading EV Training Providers in India

  • Autobot India is best with better EV labs. They have centers in Pune and Bangalore too.

  • MSME mumbai under IDMI also conducting Electric Vehicles awareness programs across India.

  • We have the BEST of EV/HEV Courses with experts from IIT’s who works decades in EV Industry and reputed Academics Institute in India (IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Bombay, COEP, Pune, NIRMA University, Ahmedabad, RMD, Sinhgad, Pune, MIT-ADT, Pune)

    • He will not reply and doesn’t lift the call

  • TESLA EV Academy provides excellent guidance and internsips to students. Please visit them.

    • Your website is not getting loaded

    • Do some research and post

  • Autobot India is Best Training provider with Technical details. I personally attended EV DD course. It’s value for money Training provider.

    • Are autobot provide training in delhi ncr region??

    short term skill based joint program with University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

    • Tell me name of any best ev power train and battery pack tranning institute located in delhi NCR.

  • Hi
    Gogoa1 from Mumbai Maharashtra is also offering EV retrofitting course and has trading business of EV retrofit kits.

  • GoGoA1.com & GoGo Foundation Offering EV Retrofitting Courses & Trading Business of EV Retrofit Kits

  • I want to start Ev Manufucturing 2w and 2w

    Which course ya trainjng is more suitable to me

    • Dear Gaurav,
      Greetings from EVCOINDIA ! You can contact the undersigned for more details on your inquiry.
      this is wassap and alling number 8329291625.

    • Hi Gaurav,

      I work as a trainining program manager at pManifold EV Academy. Our team has been working in EV sector for the last 8+ years and have trained 250+ industry people in last 10 months. We provide EV Systems Engineering and Fleet Planning based programs in 2; 3; 4 -W, Bus, Truck segments. Very strong content + mini projects + modeling practices + Industry expert guidance, etc.
      website- https://pmanifoldevacademy.com/
      Considering your interest, would like to share that we are going to convert a 1960′ Beetle (4W) into electric. You can join us and implement learnings in your work.


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