A list of electric two wheelers showcased at AutoExpo 2020

Here is a compilation of electric two-wheelers showcased by automakers at AutoExpo 2020. Along with EV industry heavyweights like Hero Electric, Jitendra EV and Okinawa, a slew of new start-ups presented their products at the expo, giving us a glimpse into the future of electric two wheelers in India.

Hero Electric – AE 47 and AE 29

Hero Electric unveiled electric bike AE-47 which is capable of achieving a top speed of 85 km/h, and a range of 160 km. Hero AE-29 would be Hero Electric’s first IoT-based scooter with a top speed of 55 km/h and a range of 80 km. It would take 4 hours to fully charge.

AE-3 is an electric “trike”. One among the attractive features of AE-3 is its inbuilt self-balancing gyroscope along with an auto-balance park switch. AE-3 is built for performance with a top speed of 80 km/h and a range of 100 km. It also comes laden with plenty of other features such as reverse assist, mobile charger, walk-assist, GPS etc.

Okinawa – Cruiser

Okinawa Cruiser
Okinawa Cruiser

This maxi-scooter by Okinawa promises a range of 120 km, top speed of 100 km/h and would come with a 4kWh Lithium-ion battery pack. In addition to that, the scooter is expected to charge itself to 100% in just 2 hours. The sales are expected to start by 2021.

Devot Motors

Devot Motors

Founded in 2019, Devot Motors unveiled their very first motorcycle. The prototype boasts a range of up to 200 km and a top speed of up to 100 kmph. There has not been an official word on the release date.

Everve Motors – EF1

Everve EF1

Everve motors entered the AutoExpo with EF1. Pune based EV technology provider showcased a futuristic design and comes loaded with smart features such as geo-fencing, on-board navigation, reverse mode and keyless start. With a 4.2 kWh battery, the vehicle is expected to take 5 hours for charging with fast charging of up to 50% in 1.5 hours. EF1 can achieve a top speed of 90 kmph.

M2Go – X1 and Civitas

New Delhi based M2Go showcased two models, X1 and Civitas. X1, the 15 paise per km vehicle has a range of 120 km and a top speed of 50 kmph. The loading capacity for both the models is 180 kg. Civitas, on the other hand, has a range of 120 km and comes with an enhanced top speed of 85 kmph. Bookings have started for both of the models.

EeVe India (Omjay) – Forset, Tesero

Tesero and Forset

EeVe India unveiled an electric scooter and an electric motorcycle at AutoExpo 2020. The premium two wheelers by Bhubaneswar based company are expected to be launched within a few months. Though full specifications will be released at the time of launch later this year, the Forset electric scooter is expected to have a range of 100 km and a top speed of more than 60 km per hour. Tesero, the electric motorcycle is expected to have a range of 120 km and a top speed of 90+ kmph.

Kabira Mobility – KM 3000

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Based out of Goa, Kabira Mobility showcased 5 electric two-wheelers at AutoExpo 2020, namely Intercity, Intercity NEO, Kollegio+, Kollegio NEO and KM 3000. Out of all the models, unveiling of electric motorcycle KM 3000 got the maximum eyeballs. The bike promises a range of 80 km and a top speed of 85 kmph. Its Delta BLDC Hub Motor generates a Peak Power of 3400W.

Raptee Energy

Raptee motorcycle

Raptee Energy is an electric motorcycle manufacturer based out of Tamil Nadu. At the AutoExpo 2020, the company showcased the pre-alpha prototype of Raptee Motorcycle. The bikes is expected to come with a range of 200 km and a top speed of 150 kmph. Will provide fast charging of up to 80% in just 45 mins and acceleration from 0 to 60 kmph in under 3 seconds. The company promises a number of smart and IoT based features in the bike. Comes at a price of INR 2,89,000 – making it one among the most premium electric bikes at the Expo. Raptee is expected to go into production by 2021 and pre-booking has already started. 

Jitendra EV Tech – Klasoo, Yunik

Jitendra EV Tech is one among the leading OEMs for electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers. The Nashik based company unveiled their new electric scooter, ‘Yunik’ at this year’s AutoExpo with a range of 130 km and a top speed of 70 kmph; and ‘Klasoo’ – an electric motorcycle with a range of 140 km and a top speed of 130 kmph. The bike is expected to launch in April 2020.

Evolet India – Hawk, Raptor

A part of Rissala Electric Motors Pvt. Ltd. (REM), Evolet India a is Gurugram-based OEM. The company unveiled Hawk – a full-faired electric Sports Bike and Raptor (Cruiser Scooter).

Hawk Electric Bike

The Hawk has a top speed of 120kmph, with a range of 150 kms on a single charge. The charging time is rated at 3-4 hours. With a brushless DC motor of 3000 watt and 72V 40 Ah lithium ion battery, the Hawk will hit the market by June 2020.

Raptor is an electric cruiser scooter and is ideal for long-distance commuting. The scooter os powered by a 3000 Watt brushless motor that draws its power from 72V 40 Ah Lithium-ion battery and takes around 3-4 hours to provide a range of 100-250 kms with top speed of 120kms/hrs. The model will be available in showrooms by June 2020.

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