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Delta Electronics to acquire TB&C for €142 million to strengthen EV business

A global provider of power and thermal management solutions, Delta Electronics, Inc. has announced its plan to acquire TB&C Group, a leading provider of automotive high-voltage hybrid components. Through its subsidiary, Delta International Holding Limited B.V., Delta will purchase 100% shareholdings of HY&T Investments Holding B.V. and its subsidiaries, including TB&C Group, for 142 million euros (approx. NT$ 4,661,860 thousand). TB&C, headquartered in Germany, specializes in developing hybrid technologies for mechanical components used in automotive, industrial, and medical applications. The company serves renowned automotive firms and tier-1 suppliers.

The acquisition aims to strengthen Delta’s EV battery management system (BMS) capabilities by integrating TB&C’s technologies with Delta’s automotive component product lines. The collaboration is expected to generate synergies by leveraging the R&D and manufacturing resources of both companies to accelerate Delta’s expansion in the EV market. Delta’s CEO, Ping Cheng, believes that the acquisition will help Delta achieve its two-digit growth target over the next five years, capitalizing on the rapid growth of the global EV market.

Robert van der Weck, CEO of TB&C, said, “E-mobility is also the key strategic segment of our hybrid components and drives our sustainable growth going forward. In our focus areas in e-mobility, Delta’s Component Business Group’s outstanding electronics components have been widely recognized by global automotive companies. We are happy to join Delta and believe the complementarity between Delta and TB&C in technologies will create synergies in developing innovative product offerings with higher added value for our customers. Moreover, Delta’s capabilities in smart manufacturing and its economic scale will definitively enhance our overall competitiveness.”

Benjamin Lin, President, Delta Electronics India stated that, “We are excited to announce the proposed acquisition of TB&C, a renowned provider of automotive high-voltage hybrid mechanical technologies based in Germany. This strategic move reflects our commitment to enhancing our EV-related business and further solidifying our position in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle industry. With this acquisition, we aim to leverage TB&C’s expertise and cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation and deliver exceptional solutions for our customers. We look forward to the positive impact this collaboration will have on Delta India’s growth and our contributions towards a greener and sustainable future.”

TB&C possesses strong R&D and sales teams, as well as manufacturing facilities in Germany, Mexico, and Romania. The company specializes in hybrid components and has expertise in technologies such as outsert technology, insert technology, over molding, and multi-component injection molding. Following the completion of the transaction, TB&C’s executive management team will continue to lead the organization.

H2 Equity Partners, the current owner of TB&C, expresses pride in the company’s transformation and believes that the partnership with Delta will further accelerate its growth as a leading Tier 1 E-Mobility connectivity solutions provider.

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