Battery and connector standardisation key to promote battery swapping: Vikrant K Aggarwal, EVI Technologies

EVI Technologies is an EV Charging Solutions Infrastructure company, based out of New Delhi that has installed 215 EV charging points in 17 cities pan India and completed 23,899 charging transactions till date. The start-up has developed four different chargers suitable for the Indian market, i.e. 3.3 kW AC charger, 7.4 kW Type 2 AC charger, 10 kW AC charger and 15 kW DC Charger. EVIT also signed an MoU with BSNL to install EV charging and battery swapping stations at 5,000 BSNL premises across the country. The team raised angel investment from Napino Auto & Electronics in November 2019.

Founded in 2017, EVI Technologies is incubated at Electropreneur Park (supported by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology).

Vikrant K Aggarwal - Co-founder at EVI Technologies

We had a conversation with Vikrant K Aggarwal – Co-founder at EVI Technologies, regarding various topics surrounding the Electric Vehicle charging ecosystem.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

As a Charging and Battery swapping solution company, what are the main challenges with the current ecosystem?

I see two main challenges:

1. Most of the Indian states have not launched EV policies to enable the RTO to define the facilities for the EV users. Currently, 10 states have notified EV policies that are in the draft or final version to be implemented. More clarity is required in terms of infrastructure development and the role of local bodies like municipal and development authorities.

2. Standardization woes – Battery standards for electric two and three-wheelers need to be finalized if we want to accelerate the EV penetration in these segments. As of now, the connector of the battery is not standardized which results in a lot of friction between the vehicle OEM, battery provider and charging infrastructure provider for the battery swapping process.

Standardization required for enabling wide-spread battery swapping networks can kill innovation in battery technology’ – what are your views on this statement?

As mentioned earlier, the battery standardization is needed along with the standard connector to enable the battery swapping system in the market. To keep up with the rising demand of swapping solutions, we have come up with a propriety battery connector for the swapping system which can be used by any electric two and three-wheeler manufacturers to work with the EV. This will provide a standard to the battery manufacturer as well.

Having said that, standardisation of the connector doesn’t hinder the innovation in battery development if done in a planned manner. Like the Bharat Standard (BS) version in the ICE vehicles is updated every few years, similarly, the battery technology needs to roll out in the phased manner where the old vehicles may be used with the old swapping technology for next few years.

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What are your thoughts on the adoption of Charging Standards in the Indian market?

Govt. has taken good steps with the launch of FAME and National E-Mobility Mission that has been accompanied by public enterprises opting for EVs for their captive use. These initiatives led to experts coming up with Bharat charging standards AC-001 and DC-001 as an initial step to start the rollout of EVs. At a later stage, International standards followed by other countries were also encouraged by the govt. which enabled the International OEMs to launch their EVs in the Indian market.

Now, international charging standards i.e. CCS, CHAdeMO, GB/T along with Bharat AC-001 and DC-001 are mentioned in the guidelines by the Ministry of Power for charging infrastructure development to cater all types of EV users.

How can an individual go about setting up a charging station business at his/her premises?

Charging station setup can be done at a private business location by applying at DISCOM for electricity connection for the purpose of EV charging.

We provide an end to end solution to the individual and company with a platform where they can register themselves as a partner and avail all the information and access to the facilities like locations, EVs, EV chargers, EV battery etc.

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