Altigreen launches L5 cargo neEV Tez at INR 3,55,000 | Comes with 15 min rapid charging

Electric commercial vehicle maker Altigreen Propulsion Labs has launched ‘neEV Tez’ — a fast-charging variant of their electric cargo 3-wheeler ‘neEV.’ Altigreen neEV Tez fully charges in 15 minutes and will be initially available in Bengaluru before a pan-India rollout.

neEV Tez is powered by e^pack – a battery pack made by Bengaluru-based startup Exponent Energy. The Tez EV — when plugged into Exponent’s charging station (e^pump) — is able to charge from zero to 100% in 15 minutes rapidly. The 8.2 kWh battery pack is liquid-cooled and comprises of LFP cells, comes with a warranty of 3,000 fast-charge cycles – said a company statement.

neEV Tez starts at a price point of Rs. 3,55,000, with a 5-year / 1-lakh km vehicle warranty and a battery warranty of 5 years / 1.56-lakh km. Tez delivers a ​​city driving range of 85 km. Under ARAI test conditions, the range is higher, i.e. 98 km.

Speaking at the launch event in Bengaluru, Altigreen Founder and CEO Dr Amitabh Saran said, “neEV Tez will ensure maximum utilisation of the vehicle owing to its long range and low charging time. This means an end to range anxiety and a higher earning opportunity for the driver/owner.”

Exponent Co-founder and CEO Arun Vinayak added, “We’re proud to launch the world’s fastest charging 3-wheeler EV in partnership with Altigreen. While the neEV series already has best-in-class volumetric load capacity and ground clearance, the Tez variant with a 15-minute full charge and 3000 cycle-life warranty is just an unbeatable proposition.”

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