PURE EV launches extended warranty policy for its electric vehicles

The IIT Hyderabad-Incubated startup has introduced a Warranty Extension policy on all of its electric scooters with retrospective benefit for existing customers at an MRP of INR 1999 – to be implemented from 15th September 2021 tentatively. The extended warranty will apply to key power-train components – Battery, Motor, and Controller.

Company says that this of extension in the warranty policy has been offered after strong data analytics and extensive design improvements of these critical components over two years. The data points assessed include on-ground product performance of these components over 40,000 KM for many of the PURE EV models, in- house test data, and feedback from customers and dealers.

PURE EV currently has four models that are available over 100 touch points across India. The products are designed and manufactured in Hyderabad at its 70,000 sq ft built-up area facility with a current manufacturing capacity of 60,000 vehicles per year.

Other market-firsts

PURE EV claims to be the only Indian Electric Vehicle two-wheeler company that is making net profits since its inception. “We are utilizing the profits to enhance customer experiences through service camps, free upgrades and better service infrastructure at all dealer outlets including the repairing capabilities, and adequate manpower training and other services”, says Dr Nishanth Dongari, Founder – Pure EV.

Pure EV also launched an AI-driven hardware called Batrics Faraday, which enables battery service failures resolution at dealers’ levels. This saves precious man-hours otherwise spent in replacement of series of cells and significantly reduces the battery Turn Around Time.”Over the last year, PURE EV’s technology and skilled manpower have reached a point where they are able to repair as much as 99 percent of all the defective Batteries, motors and controllers at their factory, which has given the foundation to launch the extended warranty policy”, Nishanth adds.

“Extended warranty policies are only successful if dealer outlets are sustainable, and hence PURE EV has made it possible by providing the best margins in the industry, establishing service and repairing infrastructure at each outlet, and training dealer technicians at the factory for 120 days”, adds Rohit Vadera, Chief Executive Officer of PURE EV.

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