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Gulf Oil partners with ElectreeFi to play in the e-mobility space

Gulf Oil India announced a strategic partnership with Techperspect Software Pvt Ltd (ElectreeFi), a leading E-Mobility Solutions (SaaS) company in India. This strategic investment and partnership is the second move by Gulf Oil in the e-mobility space after making an investment in the UK based Indra Renewables in 2021 which manufactures smart chargers for the car segment. ElectreeFi will provide SaaS CMS for Gulf Indra Chargers in India. Through this partnership, Gulf Oil and ElectreeFi aim to develop solutions leveraging their strengths and provide charging solutions for two-wheelers, three-wheelers and cars to start with. Gulf Oil will provide infrastructural support to ElectreeFi and back the startup to connect with Industry and its vast distribution network. The former will also leverage its global reach and provide direct access to ElectreeFi in the global market.

Techperspect, well known for its Brand ElectreeFi, are primarily a SaaS provider that provides CMS (central management system – cloud-based backend software) solutions for EV charging services management. ElectreeFi has been working with various leading stakeholders in the Indian industry including OEMs, EV charging networks and EV battery-related companies.

About ElectreeFi (as per company release):
  1. ElectreeFi has been working with various Vehicle OEMs, CPOs and Utilities, EV Fleet Operators and Charging OEMs to provide next generation IoT Solutions
  2. India’s largest Smart Charging Network.
  3. 2500 EV charging points
  4. Present in India, Malaysia and Nepal
  5. India’s TOP 3 CPOs use ElectreeFi platform
  6. 500,000 EV charging transactions till date
  7. 40% four wheeler and 10% Two wheeler / Three Wheeler EV users (in India) use ElectreeFi platform
  8. Integrated with more than 40 EV Charger OEMs in the country
  9. Multilingual Platform

Mr. Ravi Chawla, Managing Director & CEO, Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd. said, “We are delighted to partner with ElectreeFi, the leading SaaS platform provider for Electric Vehicles in India. I’m sure this partnership will benefit the EV Industry as we will ensure development of a holistic EV Ecosystem that offers a solution-based approach to customers. It will also ensure seamless EV Charging and battery swapping infrastructure development, its operations & management and easy accessibility for both B2B and B2C segments.” Gulf Oil CFO, Mr. Manish Gangwal is appointed as a Director in ElectreeFi.

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