India’s Electric Vehicle Sales Trend for 2021

In 2021, 3,29,190 electric vehicles were sold in India, representing a 168 per cent increase over last year's sales of 1,22,607 units. 
Source : Vahan Website and Telangana regional transport data portal

With a combined market share of 90%, 2-Wheelers and low-speed L3 Category 3-Wheelers are the most popular electric vehicles. Due to the pandemic, EV sales declined in April and May, but sales began to pick up in June, with a steady growth rate.

Vehicle segment-wise contribution in 2021

Electric 2Ws – 48%

Electric L3 – 45%

Electric L5 – 3%

Electric 4Ws – 4%

Source : Vahan Website and Telangana regional transport data portal
  • 1,57,712 units of High Speed Electric 2W were sold in 2021 while 1,46,336 units sold of L3 category e-3Ws were sold in 2021.

  • Sales of L5 electric 3W increased from 1612 units in 2020 to 8689 units in 2021, while the sales of electric 4W sales rose from 4642 units in 2020 to 14,218 units in 2021.
The electric two-wheeler and three-wheeler (L3 Category) segment continue to drive EV volumes in the country.
Let’s have a look at State Wise EV Sales Trend in 2021
Source : Vahan Website and Telangana regional transport data portal
  • With 66,704 units sold in 2021, Uttar Pradesh has the highest share (20%) of electric vehicles sold.

  • Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Telangana, and Rajasthan have the highest sales share (67%) of all high speed electric 2W vehicles (high speed) sold in 2021.

  • Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, and Delhi have the highest L3 category e3-Wheeler sales, accounting for approximately 75% of total sales while the highest number of high-speed L5 category e3-Wheelers are sold in Telangana, Karnataka, and Delhi.

  • Maharashtra has the highest electric 4W sales for 2021, with 3743 units (26%), followed by Delhi and Telangana, each with around 1900 units (13%) sold. Maharashtra and Gujarat have the highest e-Bus sales in 2021, with 552 (47%) and 216 (18%) units sold, respectively.

*Telangana data doesn’t include the sales trend for the month of December 2021

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