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ePropelled releases new EV propulsion system that claims to increase power efficiency by min 15%

The Massachusetts-based technology company ePropelled announced the release of a new electric vehicle (EV) propulsion system that increases the Power Efficiency by at least 15%, allowing EV manufacturers to reduce the size and cost of their battery packs. For the next few years, the battery is set to remain the most expensive component in an EV. This propulsion system uses battery power much more efficiently, which will allow a manufacturer to reduce the size of the battery pack by at least 15%.

About the technology

The system eDTS (ePropelled’s Dynamic Torque Switching) comprises three main components – eDTS motor i.e. a brushless permanent magnet synchronous machine; the power electronics drive that includes a high voltage inverter and a control system that automatically selects the most efficient operation mode based on vehicle demand; and an electronic switch matrix that links the many windings of the motor to the phases of the drive. 

This patented technology is a drive system concept that allows a single electric machine to dynamically change between several modes to provide a much broader range of high efficiencies for low power consumption. The control system is designed to allow the transition between the modes to take place seamlessly to deliver optimum torque, speed, and efficiency characteristics in real time.

(eDTS) uses a software-controlled reconfigurable propulsion motor that is the foundation of a complete EV propulsion system. eDTS allows the electric motor to provide high torque at low speeds without drawing high current from the batteries. It also provides high speeds at low torque levels without using field weakening, thereby increasing the efficiencies throughout.

Application areas – eDTS is a scalable design that can be used in a variety of electric vehicles ranging from light EVs, such as scooters and three wheelers used in last mile delivery, to cars and trucks.

Technology Reveal

The company will reveal and display this magnetic engineering driven electric motor technology at the Cenex-LCV 2021 show in Millbrook on September 22-23. ePropelled worked with Tata Motors with support from Embed, Ltd. to install the eDTS system in a Tata Tiago, which will also be on display at conference. This version of the new propulsion system generates 60 kW of continuous power and up to 180 kW of peak power (for 10 seconds).

How team went about developing the technology

“The work was initially carried out using digital twin software simulation packages, then on a dyno, and finally integrated into a vehicle,” commented David Hudson, head of EV strategy. “The prototype was mounted to an existing EV, which allowed the results to be compared with the original EV drivetrain Bosch motor system. We confirmed that our motor is much more efficient, and we can’t wait to share the results at Cenex.”

ePropelled designs intelligent motors, motor controllers, generators, and power management systems for aerial vehicles, electric vehicles, and pump markets. ePropelled has offices in the United States, Europe, and India.

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