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Aventose Energy teases 4 electric 2Ws for mass and premium markets

Chennai-based Aventose Energy is working on a portfolio of 4 electric two-wheeler models, which it plans to launch during 2023-24. The first product to be launched will be mass-market scooters S110 and S110-ER, followed by the premium scooter S125. In the motorcycle segment, M125 and M150 will be launched for mass and premium segments, respectively.

A company statement said that S110 and S110-ER are completely made in India and will meet the localization policy as well as the latest AIS 156 phase 2 battery standards. S110 variants are rugged, durable and 20% more efficient due to their ingenious mechanical and electrical design, adds the release. S110 can be charged anywhere with its portable batteries, can be swapped at swapping stations or can be charged at fixed public chargers using portable chargers.

Our products are designed keeping Indian, Europe, APAC and African markets in mind, says Vilas Tank – Founder and CEO of Aventose Energy. The company had earlier announced S110 back in Oct 2021 and plans to start sales by June 2023. “We have been continuously testing the vehicle and improving the supply chain to meet all the Indian safety and localization standards and exceed customer expectations”, adds Vilas.

Currently, the company is bootstrapped and raising funds.

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