Adaptive City Mobility unveils its final series electric vehicle

Adaptive City Mobility GmbH (ACM), an electric vehicle startup from Germany launched its series prototype today. ACM CITY ONE is a light 4-wheeled EV, designed for a wide range of use-cases from logistics to passenger transport.

Here’s a quick snapshot of salient features of the vehicle:

Range of 240 km. Additionally, the vehicle supports rage extender batteries that can add up to 120 km of range with a manual swap within 3 minutes. The EV comes with a battery roof box (as shown in the cover image) to carry additional batteries.

Battery Swap – The trolley can be directly plugged in to a power socket charge the battery packs

– Designed ground-up for the needs of shared mobility. Seating capacity of 4-5 passengers and up to 350L of luggage space, or up to 1350L of logistics carrying capacity with the rear bench folded.

ACM ONE for Logistics application

– Low weight – less than 700 kg (with batteries)

Price – less than USD 13,000

– Industry lowest CO2 figures for vehicle and operations in the class. Uses 8.5 kWh per 100 km.

– Works with existing 110V/220V electric connections to charge the vehicle in 7 hours using the standard home plug or 4 hours using the home power plug. i.e. a fast DC charger is not needed.

ACM expects to deliver the vehicles to initial customers in two years. 

In the first phase, ACM’s sales and partnership efforts are focussed on mobility players and fleet owners for passenger, logistics and last mile delivery applications. The company is open for deals across the world with a particular focus on the emerging markets.

Rajarshi Rakesh Sahai, the Chief Business Officer of ACM explained, “ACM has learned from a multitude of contributions from taxi, ride-hailing, car-sharing, logistics and even micro-mobility players to arrive at this solution. The solution enables large fleets with low investments, higher utilization, additional revenue streams, and without the limitations of range/range anxiety. We have received declarations of intent from all over the world, covering more than two years of production volumes“.

Interiors of ACM ONE

Speaking on the launch, Paul Leibold, the founder and CEO of ACM said, “ACM CITY ONE is an integral the part of the ecosystem we are building that will allow fast scaling of electric fleets, globally. We deliver the cheapest and cleanest Km for city fleet operators. Combining our light city vehicle, with our fleet and energy management solutions, we are able to deliver maximum value to our customers.”

See ACM City One in action –

About ACM                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Founded in 2017, Adaptive City Mobility GmbH (ACM) builds up on many years of research by a German consortium of leading industry players and institutions, supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). The research successfully led to 6 functional research prototypes that received type approval in Germany and have been testing on road since 2017. The company has now released a series prototype that builds on industry insights to develop and mass produce a shared mobility vehicle ACM CITY ONE.

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