Celebrating inaugural World EV Day, September 9th

Ravikiran Annaswamy – CEO and Co-founder of Numocity Technologies shares his thoughts on the first World EV Day.

Today is the inaugural celebration of #WorldEVDay, a global movement to celebrate the benefits of electric mobility and celebrate the roles played by all the stakeholders in the ecosystem. It’s first time that several global players have come together to make a statement making a path for showcasing transformation into Electric Mobility. World EV Day is an initiative by Green.tv and ABB, and details can be found on official website.

For all of us who strongly believe in clean mobility and the effort we put together through our businesses, this event can become a fulcrum to announce new innovations in future. India EV Market is still in its early days and yet there is so much of action and energy. Two of the leading OEMs, Tata Motors and Mahindra Electric have joined this initiative.

After a lull due to COVID19, we have seen action in adoption of electric mobility over the last few months. The EV Car sales of over 1400 vehicles are a positive sign, though this is small number to make a big transformation. But as always, every single step is a move towards final goal. There have been several new product launches of electric bikes and electric autos. More interesting are the launch of vehicle leasing plans with interesting schemes and offers.

On the policy side, the EV Policy of Delhi government has shown a good intent of accelerating towards clean mobility, which can make an impact on pollution in Delhi. The plan to move beyond just financial subsidies and set targets to make EVs account for a quarter of the new vehicles registered in the capital by 2024 is a welcome move. This policy will also influence other state government EV policies which will be announced soon.

Another policy which made headline is to allow sale and registration of EVs without batteries. Though the initial market reaction is mixed and seen as a push towards battery swapping, it should be seen as an opportunity for newer business model of battery leasing and battery renting. These models are consumer friendly and will enable reduction in total cost of ownership but will impact Vehicle OEMs adversely as the revenue from battery is now moved more towards an OPEX model. 

The current market disruption has also opened up new opportunities for Indian EV companies to innovate and localise the products. We need to see EV ecosystem as an intersection across Automobile Industry, Electric Industry and Digital Industry. For Indian EV market to grow we need to move beyond silos and build innovations across all areas of building infrastructure, connected digital solutions, new business models , efficient vehicles and electrical equipment.

Today, is just a day in the overall journey, but a day to pause and take a look at the future to build. Electric mobility is a wheel already in motion, there is no stopping. Let’s all contribute towards making India a leader in adopting clean mobility, to make a better future together.

About the Author
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Ravikiran A is CEO and Co-founder at Numocity Technologies – a Bengaluru based startup, founded in 2018. Numocity provides intelligent technology products over the cloud to eMobility players to effectively manage all the aspects of energy flow: Electric grid connectivity, Vehicle charging and Energy consumption in batteries. 

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