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Voltrider introduces zero-drift electric tri-cycles starting at INR 79,999

Voltrider Private Limited, a startup recognized by the Government of India, introduces the world’s first zero-drift three-wheelers under the brand name VOLTON. Voltrider has developed a proprietary gearless differential mechanism for which a patent has been filed by the NRDC, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

The primary challenge addressed is the inherent drifting issue faced by three-wheelers worldwide, which leads to instability and the risk of toppling.

This stems from of flaw in the basic driving mechanism of three-wheelers, where one wheel is the power wheel while the other wheel is free to rotate. This leads to an unequal distribution of power to the two wheels, which in turn results in the instability of three-wheeled vehicles. Moreover, using a differential mechanism with gears makes riding using the pedal next to impossible because the force needed to overcome the resistance of the gears increases exponentially.

To overcome this, Voltrider has developed a gearless differential mechanism which claims to ensure stability, eliminate drifting, and reduce pedalling effort by over 50%.

VOLTON offers two variants for the three-wheeler segment: the Volton Bajrangi and the Volton Rick. All variants feature LiFePo4 (Lithium Ferro Phosphate Batteries) batteries with a warranty of 2 years. They source 85% of components locally. The localization enables regular cycle mechanics to provide accessible servicing for the products.

The Volton Rick is a three-seater rickshaw with a maximum load capacity of 250 kg. Powered by a 750W/48V BLDC motor, it offers multiple operation modes and has a maximum speed of 25 km/hr. It has a double-stroke front suspension and a lower rear portion, reducing the centre of gravity. Volton Rick is powered by a  36 Ah/ 48Volt LFP battery. It starts at INR 79,999 (ex works Delhi) and offers a range of 50-60 km on throttle mode without pedal assist.

The Volton Bajrangi, a loader with a maximum load capacity of 300 kg, is available in three variants: Bajrangi Goo, Bajrangi HAUL, and Bajrangi MOVER. These variants share similar features with the Rick model and offer different loading dock dimensions. The Bajrangi Goo seats two people, while the Bajrangi HAUL and Bajrangi MOVER are designed for a single person. The Bajrangi variants start at a promotional price of INR 79,999 (ex works Delhi) and provide a range of 40-50 km on throttle mode without pedal assist.

To enhance affordability, Voltrider has partnered with HDFC Bank and Hitachi, offering instalment options starting at INR 6,999 per month for a 12-month tenure. Additionally, VOLTON vehicles do not require a license or registration due to their tricycle classification.

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