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STROM R3: Pre-bookings for electric 2 seater to begin on 25th February, 2021

After a long wait, Strom Motors is set to start pre-bookings for Strom-R3 2X version (200 km range) in Mumbai and Delhi.

Strom-R3 is a two-seater built on a reverse trike configuration and provides an all-electric, personal, urban mobility solution. This made in India EV is the first reverse trike vehicle to receive ARAI certification.

Deliveries will begin in the next 12 months.

Use case

Market research by Strom Team found that average personal vehicle occupancy in Indian cities is a dismal 1.6 and most trips are under 50 kms.

The three major market segments that start-up is trying to disrupt are:

1. The daily office commuter who is looking for a quick and safe vehicle around town.

2. As an additional car in the family for running errands around a 10 km radius.

3. First/last mile shared mobility solution parked at airports and metro stations.

Strom R3 Specifications

Source: Strom Motors

Comes with a 15 KW high efficiency AC induction motor. Torque – 90 Nm.

Dimensions – 2915 mm X 1510 mm X 1545 mm (L x W x H)

Ground Clearance – 185 mm

Pricing and running cost

Ex-showroom Price – Rs. 4,50,000/- [Strom R3 2X version (200 km range)]

Running cost – 40 paise per km

According to Strom Motors website, the EV can help you save Rs. 3 Lakh in a span of 3 years.

Customers from Mumbai and Delhi region can reserve their rides with a initial deposit of Rs. 10,000.

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One thought on “STROM R3: Pre-bookings for electric 2 seater to begin on 25th February, 2021

  • While this might be five steps forward in terms of current tech, its aesthetics take Indian automotive design back by two decades. It is a visual atrocity, the lack of any cohesive surfaces and the constant curvature breaks are an affront to the entire segment of surface transport, or anyone with eyes for that matter. None of the design cues have any functional value and serve only to fuel some egomaniacal octogenarian who thinks he is still relevant as a designer. ARAI should give this zero stars, purely for its utter lack of proportion and the tone-deaf visuals that it brings. This is how China pulls the rug out from under us, by helping us make these-these miniature eye sores. The founders must be surrounded with yes men, (that’s the worst kind of people to have around you, btw)- to not have had anyone tell you otherwise. Good lord, there are at least 5 design colleges in India that have freshmen who could’ve interned and done a better job. Forget India, at least 5 design colleges in Gujarat alone!

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