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Sona Comstar to enter high voltage powertrain market | Ties up with Equipmake

Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd (“Sona Comstar”), an automotive technology company, announced on May 16, 2023, that they have entered into a technology licensing agreement with Equipmake.

Sona Comstar, a global automotive technology company, has formed a collaboration with Equipmake, a UK-based technology company specializing in high-performance electric powertrains. The partnership aims to introduce next-generation electric powertrains to the Indian market and select markets in South Asia. Equipmake’s patented spoke motors and inverters offer exceptional power densities, making them ideal for electric cars, buses, and commercial vehicles.

Sona Comstar has secured a licensing agreement with Equipmake to utilize patented spoke motor and inverter technology, ranging from 100kW to 440kW power capacity. This collaboration enables Sona Comstar to produce and distribute EV Powertrains, sub-systems, and components for a wide range of electric vehicles, including cars, buses, commercial vehicles, and off-road vehicles. The companies anticipate commencing serial production of these systems in 2025.

Sona Comstar will take the lead in business development and customer sales in India, Thailand, and select South Asian countries, while Equipmake will focus on sales in other global markets. Sona Comstar will manufacture EV powertrains based on Equipmake’s technology exclusively for the designated territories, as well as supply Equipmake and its global customers in other markets. This collaboration allows Sona Comstar to expand its offerings to include high-voltage motors and inverters for various vehicle applications.

The collaboration between Sona Comstar and Equipmake aims to provide high-performance, efficient, and cost-effective electrified drivetrain solutions to accelerate the adoption of electric mobility in India and globally. Sona Comstar’s CEO of Motor Business, Mr. Sat Mohan Gupta, expressed his excitement about the partnership and the opportunity to bring Equipmake’s technology to India. Equipmake’s CEO, Mr. Ian Foley, also expressed enthusiasm about entering the Indian market, highlighting the impressive power and torque density of their spoke motors and inverters, which he believes will contribute to the growth of the electric vehicle market in India.

Size of EV market in India – The demand for electric vehicles in India is expected to rise significantly, with electric passenger vehicle penetration projected to reach 25% by FY32, up from less than 1% in FY22. The electric car market in India is estimated to grow from 30,000 units in FY22 to 1.6 million units in FY32. Additionally, the penetration of electric buses in India is predicted to increase to 11% by FY27 and 21% by FY32, with the electric bus market projected to exceed 27,000 units in FY32.

Scope and Terms of Soma Comstar Licensing Agreement with Equipmake:
  1. Products covered
  • EV Powertrains with power output between 100 kW to 440 kW
  • HTM 3500 motor and inverter, and its variants
  • APM 200 motor and inverter, and its variant

2. Target Applications

  • Electric passenger cars
  • Electric passenger buses
  • Electric commercial vehicles
  • Electric off-highway vehicles including tractors

3. Scope of design, sales and manufacturing

  • Equipmake will provide the validated design of the products
  • Sona Comstar has exclusive rights to sell these products in the licensed territory of India, Thailand, and select South Asian markets
  • Sona Comstar will manufacture the products in India and supply them to its customers in the licensed territory and to Equipmake for other markets

4. License fee and Royalty

  • One-time fee for each motor
  • Variable royalty payment

5. Target SOP

  • Production is targeted to start in 2025
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