Operational Guidelines for Delivery of Demand Incentives to e-cycles under the Delhi EV Policy, 2020

The Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy 2020 was approved on 23.12.2019 and the same was notified on 07.08.2020. The Policy will remain valid for a period of three years. Delhi has now approved the provision to incentivise passenger and cargo electric cycles.

Below are the operational guidelines for delivery of demand incentives for e-cycles offered under this policy i.e. Purchase and Scrapping Incentives. The guidelines are notified with immediate effect.

  • The provision to incentivize electric cycles (passenger and cargo) was approved on 05.04.2022. Accordingly, the demand incentive on electric cycles is valid for the first 10,000 electric cycles.
  • E-cycles are eligible for a purchase incentive of 25% of the e-cycle price (not exceeding INR 5,500 per vehicle). An additional INR 2,000 to the first 1,000 individual owners of e-cycles.
  • E-cargo cycles are eligible for a purchase incentive of 33% of the e-cycle price (not exceeding INR. 15,000 per vehicle).
  • The demand incentives shall be applicable on purchase of passenger and cargo e- cycles such that e-cycles are based on advanced battery chemistry. Further, the e- cycles (passenger and cargo) shall be eligible to claim demand incentives if they meet the below mentioned eligibility criteria:
E-cycle category and their respective eligibility criteria for Delhi EV Policy
  • All e-cycles (with pedal) need to be certified by a designated testing agency under the rule 126 of CMVR, 1989, such that the e-cycles are compliant to CMVR requirement as per the exemption criteria certified in GSR 291 (E) dated 24.04.2014.
  • The demand incentives shall be payable to individual beneficiaries as well as businesses with a valid GST registration. However, the top-up incentive of INR. 2000 per vehicle on passenger-cycle is only applicable for the first 1000 individual owners.
  • E-cargo cycles will also be eligible for a scrapping incentive of up to INR. 3000 per e- cycle under the Delhi EV Policy, against scrapping of old ICE vehicles.

Link to the Guidelines Document

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