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Omega Seiki Mobility introduces e-3Ws with 35 min charge time in association with Log9 Materials

Omega Seiki Mobility, in partnership with battery-tech startup Log 9 Materials has introduced electric 3-Wheeler Rage+ Rapid EV that claims to be India’s fastest charging electric 3W with a 35 min charging time. 

Bookings are open for two variants of the EV – Rage+ RapidEV Open Carrier Half Tray and Rage+ RapidEV with 140 cubic feet top body container – targeted at B2B last mile cargo and delivery segment. The vehicle will be shipped to the customer within 4-6 weeks from the date when their pre-booking is made.

Features of Rage+Rapid EV

Both variants of Omega Seiki’s Rage+ Rapid EVs are powered by RapidX 6000 fast-charging batteries based on the InstaCharge technology developed by Log 9 Materials.

– Range of 90km+ per charge. 6kWh battery pack

– The company statement claims that batteries are designed to work between operating temperatures of -30°C to +60°C, allowing up to 40,000 charge-discharge cycles and 10+ years of battery life.

– 5-year vehicle warranty and 6-year battery warranty.

– ₹1 lakh buy back guarantee within 5 years (after the purchase).

– Log 9 will also be offer- ‘InstaCharge on Demand’ – a phone-call-based EV charging service that brings a high-power charger to the vehicle owners’ preferred location.

Dr. Akshay Singhal, Founder & CEO, Log 9 Materials says, “Log 9’s InstaCharge technology allows 9x faster charging, 9x more battery life and 9x higher performance as compared to the existing EV batteries in the Indian market. These Rage+ RapidEV 3 wheelers will enable vehicle owners to save a lot of charging time, increase uptime, deliver more and thus make more money with deliveries per shift.”

Price of Rage+Rapid EV

Rage+ RapidEV Open Carrier Half Tray – Discounted ex-showroom price ₹3.59 lakh

Rage+ RapidEV with 140 cubic feet top body container – discounted ex-showroom price ₹3.99 lakh

The above prices incorporate an discount of upto Rs 1 Lakh that is limited to the first 1000 units. The vehicles can be booked on company website by paying a pre-booking amount of ₹10,000.

Addition info on the Battery pack

Sharing some additional information by Dr Akshay Singhal, CEO of Log9 Materials, about the battery pack used in this vehicle –

1. What is the underlying battery technology behind RapidX batteries and Instacharge technology? There are speculations that there could be LTO batteries or graphene supercapacitors. Could you clarify?

Exact details about the underlying battery technology will be announced in a couple of months.

2. How do these batteries compare with regular LFP or NMC batteries in terms of cost?

While the upfront cost of these batteries is significantly higher, due to 9x higher life of the batteries the TCO per km on RapidEVs can be up to 30% lower than other EV options in the market. Also, due to 9x faster charging the uptime of vehicles on commercial fleets is significantly higher, which can bring in 2x revenues on a daily basis for someone doing deliveries on Log9 powered RapidEVs.

3. 40,000 cycles is a tall claim and will probably outlast the vehicle. How do you plan to handle the battery at the vehicle’s end of life?

Log9 has offered guaranteed buyback on Rs. 1 Lakh at end of life.

4. What kind of testing has gone behind the 40,000 cycle life claim and other unique battery characteristics, including the ability to fast charge. Can you share any relevant test data?

Third-party testing has happened both within India and internationally, relevant test reports have been shared with partner OEMs and large customers.

5. How soon are RapidX powered 2Ws expected to launch? Do you have any OEM collaborations with 2Ws as well?

2W RapidEV variants are already undergoing commercial pilots and commercial launch is expected next month. 

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