Nash Industries introduces EV chargers and external air purifier for Electric Vehicles

While portable EV charging has started gaining some traction globally, it is a comparatively novel concept in India. In China, charging vans are gaining popularity. Globally, companies like Volkswagen and Rivian are working on portable charging solutions. Though portable EV chargers are expected to remain niche, they present a convenient backup solution to combat range anxiety and unforeseen situations, especially in case of commercial applications of electric vehicles.

In India, Bengaluru based Original Equipment Manufacturer Nash Industries has developed a portable electric vehicle charger for electric cars. The product is completely made in India, with end to end local sourcing. It is currently being used for a pilot with a start-up operating in Bengaluru.

Portable EV chargers can find utility in supporting the operations of the growing breed of EV taxi companies in India such as BluSmart, eee-Taxi, Capital EV, Lithium Urban. Alongside 4Ws, the chargers can be re-designed to charge electric 3Ws to support the EV fleet operations in the cargo segment.

Example use cases for portable EV chargers are as follows:

– EV fleet companies – For emergency backup and rescue of electric vehicles that run out of charge

Roadside assistance companies will need to add such charging solutions to their offerings with increasing penetration of EVs

– Temporary charging infrastructure required for events

Testing the locations for installing physical EV charging facilities or stations

Other initiatives in the EV domain

Nash Industries aspires to be a complete design and manufacturing house to support the indigenisation of various components of the clean mobility ecosystem in the country, a company representative told EVreporter.

Established in 1971, Nash Industries is a 70 Million USD Indian company with a workforce of 1800. The company has been providing contract manufacturing and design services for numerous Indian and international clients in multiple sectors including ATM, Automotive, UPS, Electrical & Power, Healthcare, Railways, Aerospace, Construction Equipment, Textile.

In the electric vehicle domain, the company also custom designs and manufactures the bulk chargers/interchange stations for battery swapping as well as AC-001 chargers (3.3 kW), 2.8 kW chargers and on-board chargers for electric vehicles.

Block Diagram of AC-001 | Source: Nash Industries

Nash Industries has also patented an External Air Purification system to purify ambient air in the surrounding of a vehicle (preferably an electric vehicle) on the go. The air purification system comprises an air stabilizer unit, a pre-heating unit, a filter unit, and an air quality monitor unit. By using an inlet the ambient air is drawn into the air purification system to remove any pollutants and harmful contaminants etc. Afterwards, the purified air can be reintroduced into the surrounding by means of an outlet.

Patented External Air Purification System by Nash Industries

The company is under the process of filing a patent for its Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) with Liquid cooling (ethylene glycol + water solution) and drag-reducing polymers. The polymers will reduce the skin friction in the pipes arranged inside the battery pack, resulting in less power consumption.

We look forward to following their novel initiatives in the Indian EV ecosystem.

This article has been published in association with Nash Industries.

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