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MHI to conduct re-bidding for remaining 20 GWh cell manufacturing under PLI

The Ministry of Heavy Industries (MHI) has announced the re-bidding of performance-linked incentives (PLI) for 20 GWh Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) manufacturing. With this auctioning process, prospective applicants can submit their bids to set up a domestic manufacturing facility for advanced chemistry cells, which will help them qualify for incentives under the ACC PLI scheme.

In May 2021, the Cabinet had approved the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme on ‘National Programme on Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) Battery Storage’ for achieving a manufacturing capacity of 50 GWh of ACC and 5 GWh of “Niche” ACC with an outlay of Rs.18,100 Crore.

The first round of the ACC PLI bidding was concluded in March 2022. Ola Electric qualified for the PLI ACC scheme final selection (20 GWh) alongside Hyundai Global Motors (20 GWh), Reliance (5 GWh) and Rajesh Exports (5 GWh).

Later, Hyundai Global Motors was disqualified as the Hyundai group issued a statement that the former was NOT an official entity belonging to the group. The remaining three organisations signed the Program Agreement under (PLI) Scheme for Advanced Chemistry Cell (ACC) Battery Storage on July 29, 2022.

The MHI will be facilitating a stakeholder consultation with industry representatives on Monday, July 24th, 2023, for their input and suggestions before the start of the re-bidding process of the remaining 20 GWh capacity. A Public Notice link regarding this, inviting the stakeholders, has been issued. The consultation shall be chaired by the Secretary Ministry of Heavy Industries (MHI). The Ministry said it is committed to finalising the bidding documents and proceeding with the rebidding process at the earliest.

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