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Green Tiger introduces dual powertrain solutions for ICE two-wheelers

There are more than 21 crore petrol two-wheelers on Indian roads. Bengaluru-based startup Green Tiger Mobility has come up with a solution to convert the existing petrol scooters to dual powertrain vehicles which can run on both petrol or electric powertrains independently.

This Q&A with the Green Tiger leadership team, Ashish Dokania and Aditya Ganjapure, explores more about this new ‘electric’ solution for vehicles in operation.

What does a dual powertrain system mean?

A vehicle can typically have either an ICE powertrain and run on petrol, or it can have an electric powertrain and run as an EV on battery.

A Dual Powertrain vehicle has two powertrains; it can run on both petrol and electric modes independently. The rider can switch between the 2 modes at will. When you run out of battery, you can switch to petrol. When you run out of petrol, you can switch to electric.

The petrol and electric modes function separately and do not affect each other if any one system malfunctions. This makes Dual Powertrain vehicles different from hybrid vehicles. A Dual Powertrain vehicle virtually offers an endless range and a second engine as a backup. We retrofit the electric powertrain in the vehicle without disturbing the ICE powertrain inside.

What all components does the retrofitting kit have?

The kit consists of:

  • LFP Battery Pack
  • BMS – CAN 29bit
  • Throttle – Both modes integrated in one throttle
  • FOC (Field-oriented Control) based Controller
  • Patented Wire Harness
  • BLDC Hub Motor – Good Quality magnets with high-temperature resistance
  • DPDT Switch – For switching between the modes
  • DC-DC Converter – Isolated ground for better safety
  • Display – Shows SoC, Riding Mode, Kit Fault & Temperature Fault
  • VCU & IoT – Fall Alert, Anti-Theft, GPS, Carbon Footprint, Rider Score, Eco Score

Please list the specifications of different components and the resultant speed/range etc, in the retrofitted vehicle.

  • We are using an LFP battery with a capacity of 1.3 kWh.
  • It offers a range of up to 50 km in EV mode.
  • The hub motor offers 1.6 kW nominal power and 2.4 kW peak power.
  • Top speed of 60 kmph.
  • Equipped with an in-house IoT system with features like Anti-Theft, Fall Alert and Vehicle Diagnostics.
  • A mobile app for the consumers, using which they can track the vehicle.

Please tell us about the validation/certification received so far.

The Battery is AIS-156 certified, and the vehicle is AIS-123 certified for retro-fitment (HES) by the Automotive Research Authority of India (ARAI). Green Tiger has 6 patents applied, out of which two patents have been granted.

We have passed the ARAI certification and can legally convert all 2-wheeler vehicles up to 125cc, like Honda Activa & Dio, Hero Pleasure & Maestro, TVS Jupiter etc.

Motorcycle conversion is in the design phase & will be launched in 2023.

What kind of vehicle is the right candidate for this hybrid retrofitment?

We aim to convert all the 2-wheelers up to 125cc. We can convert vehicles in the range of 0 years (New Vehicle) to 10-year-old vehicles. We are not going beyond 10-year-old vehicles as the mechanical condition of the vehicle has already deteriorated in very old vehicles.

What is the cost of the kit for consumers?

The cost of ₹60,000 covers the entire electric powertrain (including the Battery) and the conversion process as well. Additionally, 18% GST is applied. So, the total cost goes to about ₹71,000. A rider can save up to ₹60,000 per year if she rides around 30 km daily. So, in one year’s time, one will recover the cost of conversion. We have partnered with a couple of NBFCs to offer low EMIs to customers.

What is the process with respect to RTO update post retrofitment?

We handle the process of updating the customer’s RC book within 15 days of vehicle conversion. The customer is required to visit the RTO once for the update.

What are your plans for launch and scale-up?

Green Tiger is launching pre-bookings for scooters on 25 Nov 2022 through its website and phone support. We plan to open company-owned experience centres along with a retrofitting workshop in 4 metros, starting from Bengaluru. The rest of the cities will have Franchise-owned experience centres & workshops in the foreseeable future.

We plan to sell the first few vehicles through our experience centre. After successful execution and accumulating some data, we will expand the business via the Franchise model. Also, we have developed the BMS, Battery Pack, VCU & IoT unit in-house. We will also sell these components to existing or new EV players.

Please give a summary of the investment raised so far.

We raised ₹4.96 crores in the seed round. Additionally, we have also received grants from different Ministries, which adds up to ₹2.60 crores. We are now raising the Pre-Series round of ₹16 crores for further development and expansion.

Green Tiger is supported by ARAI (TechNovuus) and many Govt. of India bodies.

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