1.19 lakh EV unit sales registered between Jan to Dec 2020 – JMK Research

Market research and advisory firm JMK Research has collated EV sales data for the calendar year 2020 from 1,269 RTOs in 33 states/UTs. This write-up lists the highlights of the findings.

1,19,445 units of EV sales were registered between Jan 2020 to end of Dec 2020. The chart in the cover image shows the month-wise distribution of EV sales.

– Whereas overall registered EV unit sales in India stood at more than 1,60,000 units in 2019 i.e. the highest annual sales figure yet, effects of the pandemic can be attributed to 26% decline in EV sales in the calendar year 2020.

– UP and Bihar were in the lead in terms of region-wise registered EV sales in 2020.

The charts below show the state-wise distribution of registered EV sales during Jan-Dec 2020.

Source: JMK Research

– The sales of High-Speed electric 2Ws (top speed > 25 km/h) shrunk by 11% in 2020 relative to sales in 2019.

– Hero Electric emerged as the leading player with maximum High Speed electric 2W sales in 2020, followed by Okinawa, Ampere, Ather and Revolt. Ampere achieved substantial 277% growth in its sales numbers over 2019. Revolt Motors which launched in late 2019 saw a significant sales surge from 480 units in 2019 to 2,088 units in 2020.

– The sales of cargo and passenger electric 3Ws (registered) during Jan-Dec 2020 stood at 86,667 units, i.e. a 33% decline over 2019.

*Note that data in this write-up excludes unregistered e-rickshaws and low speed (top speed 25 km/h) electric 2Ws that form a big chunk of total EV sales in the country.

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